Gwendoogle – I Just Want to be Boromir in Aviators with a Chihuahua

GwendoogleAnswers served with something adorable at the end

Trebez searched: Do you want a dog? And if so, what sort of dog would you like?
I have wanted a dog since I was nine years old, which is to say that I want one in the same way I want a castle, and a Cinderella ballgown, and a pair of Aviator sunglasses like the fighter pilots wear. Don’t judge me.

I am very interested in the fairy tale where I buy a best friend, a loyal adventurer, a guardian, an adorable playmate. I have liked almost every dog I’ve ever met.

But I don’t like their spit. And I don’t like their fur all over my clothes every day. And I don’t really like the idea of my freedom being hampered by having to be home in time to take the dog out for a walk before she chews the couch in two.

So, do I want a dog? Yes. I want a Chihuahua-Cocker Spaniel mix, preferably all black with the Chihuahua’s ears, not the Spaniel’s. Because I have never seen a more adorable dog.

But do I want a dog? Not really. I just want to play with my friends’ dogs.

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