Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Flying on a Prayer (390 words)

I don’t know how you do that. I would get so sick, so quickly,” Harry said.

Shereth stared at him. “I’m talking about running one of Rankaw’s mazes – Rankaw, who one year put in a drop turn that you literally had to shut off your engine to make and puts a camera in the three foot passes just to see which of his students duck inside their cockpits and laugh at them later – and you don’t know how I can do a double barrel into an inverted turn?”

Harry slowly finished chewing his bite of burrito and shrugged. “It would make me sick.”

Shereth dropped her burrito back onto her plate. “If I didn’t do it, I would have had to pivot down on my nose, drop backward into a shaft that might have had a rig somewhere inside it, and, I don’t know if you know this, but those rockers we’re flying were designed to run forward.”

“Was there a rig?” Harry asked.

“No,” Shereth said.

“And there was room to make that pivot?”

Shereth paused, watching him. He looked back at her calmly, then raised his eyebrows to reiterate the question.

“It would have been tight, but yes,” Shereth told him.

“Good,” Harry said. He finished his lunch, balled up his napkin and threw it onto his plate. “I’ve been trying to figure out how to make that turn without a barrel roll all morning.” Standing, he gathered his tray, then stooped to hold her gaze. “Because barrel rolls make me sick.”

Shereth’s eyebrows bent together as he pulled away. Harry straightened up and sighed.

“You’re the only one that can ever come up with alternate courses through Rankaw’s jungles. I know you don’t get a lot of manipulation where you come from, but if you want to stay top, you have to learn to see these things coming.”

“Yeah?” Shereth called to his back, half-smiling. “And if you want to keep passing classes after I promote past you, you have to learn to grovel.”

Harry grinned over his shoulder. “To you or to the professors?”

“To whatever deity will still listen to the guy who cheats off his only friend.”

Harry stopped and hung his head. He looked back at her, shaking his head. “So, you then. Great goddess of the skies.”

She threw her burrito wrapper at his head.

We’re at it again. The first line of this piece came from my friend Bek, and was originally part of a piece you can read on her blog tomorrow. Today, you can see what she did with the opening line that she legally thieved from me.


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