Flash Fiction: Abandoned (99 words)

This was not an alley. Alleys were designed to be walked, to draw shortcuts between streets. This was a gap between buildings, corners stacked with garbage the wind dragged inside. This was where you laid things better forgotten.

Jaera looked over her shoulder. Galen had stopped at the main street, hands in his pockets. He didn’t avoid the cracked walls, just seemed too familiar already to consider them. He met her eye carefully.

“This is where you found me?” she asked.

Galen nodded, slow. “They made a mistake,” he said.

Pulling in a breath, Jaera tried to believe him.

This was written as a challenge from my friend, Kate:  99 words exactly.

Have a challenge you’d like to see me attempt? Leave it in comments below.

Want to take up this challenge yourself? Leave me a link in comments. I’ll read and comment. :)


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