Flash Fiction: Zombie Sadie (365 words)

Sadie stumbled through the front door at noon, looking a little heavy in her hiking boots and plaid shirt and hints of sunburn around the back of her neck. She dropped her backpack on the floor, rested her hand against the wall and started prying her feet out of her boots.

“Hey,” Dana said from the couch. She uncoiled from her comfortable seat, put her feet on the ground and closed her book to welcome her home. “Have a good weekend?”

Sadie held up her hand, palm out in an inarguable stop sign without looking at her. She popped one heel out of its boot and kicked to free it the rest of the way. The boot thunked against the wall, bounced back and rolled over twice. “Had a great time,” she said. She tried to get her other foot free, and didn’t seem capable of speaking and moving at the same time.

“And…” Dana prompted.

“And I will tell you all about in twelve hours, after I wake up,” Sadie told her.

Dana glanced at the clock. “At midnight?”

“Whenever I wake up and am no longer a zombie,” Sadie told her. Her foot popped out of the boot and she almost fell over. Dana tried not to laugh.

“Why are you a zombie?”

“Because I didn’t sleep,” Sadie told her. “I was having too much fun.”

Dana snorted. “You look like it…”

Sadie raised her hand again, defensively. “Which is why I’m not telling you about the fun right now. If Zombie Sadie explains the fun, you will think that camping is lame, and maybe eats your intelligence. But it was beautiful, and there were bumblebees and camp fires with ‘smallows and blisters and this gigantic pile of rocks that I swear was left by Eskimos or something, and…” Sadie seemed to realize she was talking in the wrong direction. She stopped herself. “You will just have to wait up until midnight and catch the real show.”

Sadie started shuffling down the hall to her room in her socks.

Dana reached for a pen on the coffee table, and scribbled a note to order an eleven o’clock pizza on her bookmark, shaking her head.

Tis the season for zombies… Happy Halloween Week!


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