Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Like the Stories When We Were Young (295 words)

“I think we may be lost.”

Drea glanced at Colton as he stepped up beside her on the path. He didn’t look at her until after he’d spoken, and then he turned slowly, eyebrows raised, lips twisted in a contained smile. Drea twisted to look at the others, scattered behind her on the trail as they walked. He had his shoulders set away from them. They couldn’t see any of his expression, and his tone was low enough they couldn’t hear.

“I know where we are,” she said. She lengthened her next step, hoping that he would take the hint and fall back.

He shifted to her other side behind her, and kept up.

“Me too,” he murmured. He accidentally bumped her shoulder, readjusted his steps, but stayed close. “We’re somewhere under the Sun, but more specific knowledge is generally helpful.”

Drea glared at him, then faced forward before anyone else could see.

“I know exactly where we are,” she told him.

Colton raised his eyebrows again, then nodded. “So, you meant for us to play hopscotch with a river today?”

Drea blinked.

He hesitated, expression dropping into real concern for half a moment. “You do know we crossed the same river three times today?” His slow grin twisted back in. “And that we’re supposed to be able to cross this entire island in a day? And that you’ve been leading us with a map from…” He snatched the thick-folded paper from her pocket. He almost laughed as he caught the writing around the edge. “… a children’s story.”

Drea tried to grab it back. He pulled his arm back, laughed and took pity on her on her next swing. She stuffed it back in her pocket.

“We’re lost,” she hissed. “Don’t. Tell. Anyone.”

Colton stumbled and fell back, laughing.

I’m a thief! I stole the first line of this piece from my friend, Kate. Check out her blog tomorrow, to read her original piece.


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