Flash Fiction: Barter (99 words)

Delia tumbled into her seat, too hurried to keep her feet beneath her for the last steps toward the table. Her skirts sighed against the padded seat and bunched around her like they were preparing for her to spring in another direction.

Vianne glanced up. Dropping the fork she’d been fiddling with, she slid her hand off the table.

“Sorry,” Delia said. She smiled like she’d run out of breath laughing, not running. “The day got away from me.”

“It usually does,” Vianne said. And she couldn’t blame her, if she’d bartered the forfeited hours for smiles like that.

I had so much fun with my last 99 word challenge, I decided to run away with another. Feel free to take up the challenge yourself and see where it takes you. :)

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