Legal Theft Flash Fiction: The Trouble With Jerr (387 words)

“You know that she can and will beat you. Easily.”

Jerr watched Arry nod firmly, the shorter man’s eyebrows raised as high as they would go, as if the wideness of his eyes might give his statement a more honest tone. Jerr blinked, then nodded.

“I’ve heard the rumor,” he said.

“I suppose, big as you are, with just fists, it might take her a while,” Arry continued. He shoved his hands in his pockets, looking Jerr up and down, remeasuring his broad shoulders and long arms. “Maybe, like, ten minutes, I suppose.”

Jerr nodded again. “Of course.”

“But hand her any blade,” Arry said quickly. “Any blade – a sword, or a knife, or that little whatever it is you’ve got in your boot…” Arry paused in the middle of pointing at Jerr’s feet to look him in the eye, brow scrunched together questioningly. “What do you even call that thing? A mouse blade? A cricket slayer?” Arry shook his head. Jerr blinked some more. “Whatever. She’ll beat you. You’ll be on the ground in minutes.”

“Because you won’t be giving me anything, I presume?” Jerr asked.

“That’s what she is,” Arry said. “When you’re that good, you don’t need much to convince a man like you to bleed.”

“Which is probably why I keep the Cricket Slayer,” Jerr mused.

“She can stop your breathing with her pinky,” Arry said.

“Sounds overly stylish,” Jerr said.

“She can break your arm in five seconds or less,” Arry told him.

“With one hand tied behind her back?” Jerr asked.

“She can dislocate your hip in two,” Arry said.

“With both hands tied behind her back?” Jerr asked.

“She can–”

“Arry,” Leigh said. She was sitting on her bunk, shoulders propped against the wall, with her ankles crossed while she read the book on her lap. Arry jumped and turned as soon as he heard her voice, though she hadn’t spoken any louder than if she’d just idly remembered a question she’d had for him. “You know, I’m right here?”

Arry nodded. “Yeah.”

“And you know, he’s on our side?”

“Yeah.” Arry looked over his shoulder at Jerr. “But he’s…” He hesitated. Then he raised his hand, measuring the height of Jerr’s head. “Tall.”

Jerr blinked. Leigh blinked.

Arry collected a breath, looked Jerr over one last time, and left.

I’m a thief! I stole the first line of this piece from my friend, Bek. Be sure to stop by her blog tomorrow to see what she originally did with this femme fatale.


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