Gwendoogle Part LXIV – Heroes Play Dice for Who Goes Down the Rabbit Hole First


Answers served with smile. The question is, what kind of smile?

Bekah Beth searched: Why do some actors stick with you, and you always remember how good they are, while others you forget about and are pleasantly surprised every time they grace your screen?
Because some roles hit like a baseball bat to the head, and others quietly sneak up on you.

Because some roles reach a hand inside your rib cage to tighten a fist around your heart, and some just put a hand on your shoulder.

Because some roles rip the rug out from under your feet and drop you on your rear, and some just change the rug out in favor of a nice shag carpet.

Because some roles play chicken with you in narrow alleys, and others race along beside you.

They’re all brilliant, the baseball bats, and bruises, falls, and near-death experiences just stick in your mind better.

Kate Kearney searched: What determines the significance of a word?
The person hearing it, I suspect. Or its proximity to enjambment in the poem. Or how many times it is repeated. Or how loud it is being yelled.

Bekah Beth searched: If we’re excluding Hawkeye, which Avenger would you pick? (No, I won’t tell you what you’re picking it for – that’s cheating!)
… I really want to cheat. Why can’t I cheat?

On first reading, I was going to answer Black Widow, because after the last Marvel Film, I’ve been thrilled with the expectation of seeing more of her character. I’ve begun campaigning even harder for a feature film about Budapest and whatever went down there that Black Widow and Hawkeye remember so differently. I want an action comedy which switches between their perspectives, possibly humorously poking fun at each other as they give their mission report to Phil Coulson and he deadpans through it all, trying to keep them on track. Can anybody make this happen?

 photo JeremyandScarletarewackos_zps408a7908.gif

On second reading, I realized you didn’t ask me about my favorite Avenger. You asked me to pick one, and now I feel need to pick them all. So:

I choose Captain America to lead my zombie apocalypse survival team. I have never found a character I trusted more to make sure that we all survive and that we leave no one behind, no matter the odds.
 photo Stevehopeshesthemanforthejob_zpsba48449a.gif

I choose Thor as my workout buddy, because I feel competing with a Prince of Asgard would be ridiculous and wonderful motivation.
 photo Thorwhipsmewmewbackandforth_zpsa901aae9.gif

I choose Ironman to help me throw the party of a lifetime. It will be at his house. Because it’s bigger than mine, and I don’t want to be the one to clean up.
 photo TonytotallyrocksouttoKeha_zps9ec936fd.gif

I choose Hulk to help me move my furniture the next time I decide to redecorate. It will go more smoothly, and if it can’t stand up to the Hulk, it probably can’t stand up to my madness.
 photo HulksmashThor_zpsf327d2df.gif

Kate Kearney searched: Have these questions gotten more or less random?
Gwendoogle has run for forty-four consecutive Sundays. In the inaugural post, people searched Team Penguin or Team Polar Bear?, What is Ghengis Khan’s real name?, and Do you manatee? This week, we’re discussing Avengers, dice, madness, and Spandex. I think it’s safe to say that it’s all stayed basically the same.

Bekah Beth searched: How come I’m always a month away from the next movie I want to see?
Because the advertising companies’ secret plans to lure you to the theater every weekend has not yet come to fruition. Resist, sister! We must maintain strength against the lure of the popcorn and camera angles that look incredible on a forty-foot screen.

Kate Kearney searched: Will you play illithid dice with me?
Image result:
 photo Harrygivesaquestionableyes_zpsc0905891.gif

Because I’ve read that as “illicit dice” too many times for this game not to both concern and excite me. I like it already.

Bekah Beth searched: What do you do when you know someone is going to be a problem in a bad way? In a good way?
In a bad way? I practice not making faces at their backs and start the “how often will it be necessary to interact with this person?” equation to figure out exactly what kind of relationship I have to build. If I’m lucky, it turns into a “smile and nod” afternoon and I move on with my life. If I’m very lucky, it becomes an exercise in character building in which I determine to be a kinder and more patient person than I was yesterday and dare the universe to give me more fuel in that direction.

But I’m the kind of person who looks for trouble.

If it’s in a good way… Oh goodness. Run the other direction. That’s more trouble than you can handle between now and the second coming.

 photo Vegasistryingnottolaughatyou_zps74241173.gif

Kate Kearney searched: How far have you delved into madness?
It depends on what realm of madness we’re discussing:

I’ve been playfully mad about many things: games, movies, books, bands, actors.

I have been a little more firmly mad about a few of them. Like the game that I have spent at least ten hours of the last four days playing. Like the band that I downloaded every track they had ever released including acoustic versions, remixes, and the tracks from before their record deal. Like the actor that I spent all of as summer tracking down his entire filmography. And unless you’re a close friend of mine, mentioning any of them to me will be met with a cool, yeah, I like them because the madness is just deep enough to need good gloss in polite company.

I’ve been very mad for stories and characters and imaginary worlds that I build in my head. Very mad. Like, locked in the room, scribbling notes on the wall that mean the unlocking of magic to me but look like something about shirt buttons to everyone else.

And then there are the times that I realize I’ve done absolutely mad things in real life, all because my brain didn’t catch up with my gut fast enough when I was dashing for that last bus downtown.

I’d say, I’ve gone one rabbit down the rabbit hole, three cabbages, and two kings into madness.

DJ Matticus searched (as part of the continuing saga of the Heroic Barbeque): What do I think I’m doing? *shifts eyes nervously* Well, trying to change the subject, of course. Spandex makes me squirm.
Then I suppose we really shouldn’t talk about the Glam Metal band that some of the guys are talking about starting. A few of the darker-costumed heroes think they already have the outfits…

The world is going to change irreparably if we can’t convince them that there is no tactical advantage to turning every life-saving mission into a concert.


One thought on “Gwendoogle Part LXIV – Heroes Play Dice for Who Goes Down the Rabbit Hole First

  1. But think of the proceeds they could raise with ticket sales! and all the good that could be done with that money… Okay, now spandex isn’t making me squirm that much. When’s the first concert?

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