Gwendoogle Part LXX – Brazil, Antarctica, and Verkhoyansk


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Kathryn searched: What is the line between sleepy and awake?
Image result:
 photo Sherlockisawakeheswears_zps310d5c08.gif

Did you catch it? It’s a very thin line, but I’ve found it still manages to hit you like a brick some mornings.

DJ Matticus searched: Who is going to win this year’s World Cup?
I know exactly three things about sports:

1) They are best watched in a group of noisy people. If food is also present, the more the merrier, but the important part is to get your neighbors complaining after your party’s reaction to the best score of the game.

2) They are an impressive tradition of training and character building and showmanship, which I am glad still exists, but I only understand a small portion of them.

3) You always – always, on pain of death, or worse, excommunication from places dear – always root for the home team.

So. USA is going to win. Of course.

DJ Matticus searched: Would you have left Landon Donovan at home too, or would you have taken him to Brazil?
If I were going to Brazil, which would never in a thousand eons be because I was coaching an internationally competitive soccer team, and Landon Donovan wanted to come along, that would be fine by me. I’m exactly the kind of person to pick up strangers on a trip around the world and see what comes of it.

As for whether or not I would have kept him on the team for the 2014 World Cup, I’ll have to side with the people who are paid to make these decisions and say, I guess not.

Flip the Otter searched: How does sunshine make you happy?
When the optic nerve is exposed to sunlight, it signals the brain to create lower levels of melatonin, a chemical responsible for sending us to sleep, and higher levels of serotonin, a chemical responsible for wakefulness and “good mood.” (Pretty cool for a chemical called “watery tonic.”)

Serotonin is the same chemical targeted in anti-depressants, which means that when your body is operating properly, sunlight triggers you to make your own anti-depressants. (Also pretty cool.)

Kate Kearney searched: Do you ever want to visit Antarctica?
I will not go out of my way to step foot on the continent, but if given the opportunity, I would absolutely take it. The penguins make it look so cozy.

Phoenix Tears Healed searched: Which way is next?
To infinity and beyond!

Or maybe just back to sleep…

(Sorry, I only have two modes.)

The Truculent Wonder searched: Where did the phrase “smart as a whip” come from?
It’s possible the phrase came from a comparison of a quick mind to the quick snap of a whip, or even to the speed that a whip encouraged from the horses when cracked.

It’s also possible that it’s a pun, playing on that’s smart (intelligent) and that smarts (hurts). Whip would definitely smart, so why not say that someone is smart as one?

It’s also possible that there’s a third option still held as a linguistic mystery somewhere.

Personally, I like the pun.

Ducky searched: Were there speeding laws before the invention of the automobile?
Absolutely. The earliest known law mandating a maximum speed was put on the books in 1832. The law prohibited “furious driving” which endangered passengers or persons, and clocked in at a massive ten miles per hour.

Kate Kearney searched: If Atlantis and Troy went to war, who would win?
Which Troy? There were nine different cities built in the same location over a period of 3500 years, one on top of the other, all of which are known in modern times as “Troy.”

Assuming you’re talking about Troy VIIa, the Troy that we believe Homer wrote about:

Atlantis would win. Troy has a problem known as Virtuous Extremes. All her heroes are extreme cowards, or extreme men of valor, and the combination means that cowards got her into trouble and the men of valor were too noble to stoop to the dirty tricks to properly dig her back out. Just look at Paris and his brother Hector.

Flip the Otter searched: What are three things that ought to be done to grab hold of and enjoy the summer months?
1) Go somewhere you’ve never been. I don’t care if it’s across the world, across the continent, across the country, or across the street. These long days packed with sunlight, are the best days to take the risk of getting lost for a while.

2) Be gentle with your air conditioning. It’s there to make the worst days bearable, not to make your living room feel like a pleasant day in Verkhoyansk, and, by comparison, your back yard feel like a sunny day in the Sahara. Spare your air conditioning, spare your electric bill, and spare your body the shock every time you walk in and out your front door.

3) Find a good friend with a yard, and have that party that would never have fit between four walls. If you’re not a party person, find a beach, and have that adventure that will only fit on a rolling wave.

Kathryn searched: What is the line between should and should not?
The line between tomorrow someone will be wishing this never happened and tomorrow someone will be glad we pulled this thing off.

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3 thoughts on “Gwendoogle Part LXX – Brazil, Antarctica, and Verkhoyansk

  1. Where do I put the aprons? What do you do with hole-y clothes? How does one organize a room, set up house? What are three things that you would want to put into a spreadsheet? What are two unusual methods of lighting? Platypus?

  2. What is the difference between a button and a key? If there is a key, where is the lock? Why break the thing? Why did you break the thing? Why did I break the thing? Who is going to fix the thing? What is your favorite internet show/story/comic/whatever? When was the last time you played with legos? What was your best birthday? Worst birthday? Best regular day of the past year? Worst? What is the definition of a buttload? Why do people feel the need to book shame? What’s your favorite video game? If we don’t count Guild Wars, what is your favorite video game? Why do I love my adorable idiot? Can you be both a ghost and a zombie? What color post it notes should I use? How should you entertain yourself for three months and one week?

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