Flash Fiction: No Mouth, No Eyes (407 words)

On the night of the full moon, the hounds howl. We don’t know why. It’s just a round face in the sky. No eyes. No mouth. No voice, and no glare. And no hands to feed them, which I think is all hounds care ’bout. But all night, Pup and Rix stare up at it, and sing all the songs they know and coax it down to talk.

Deets says there’s some place it might work. He’s been there, on the far side of the hills, ‘neath a sky that looks like a sea, that’s how wide it goes. He says that sky is too big, and the moon hates to be pinned in the mean of it. Blind and deaf, she comes down to the heat of a fire, or the hum of a thick voice on the air. And she stays. All night. ‘Till the sun peels her off her sprawl on the hard packed earth and sends her off to sleep.

He says he’s seen it. I don’t think so. He just likes his tales, likes to sound off on the things we don’t know, laugh like we’re sweet babes for our lack.

I don’t like to hear him tell it, like our moon is lost, like she just feels safe in the small pit of our sky where not a dark thing could squeeze in next to her. I don’t like to think that the ends of my earth are the walls of her vault, to keep what scares her out and lock her in.

I like to think she chose to be blind, chose to be deaf. Cause she got fed up with the folk who told her that the earth was the safe place to be. I like to think she lit her sweet self on fire, to show them how high she leapt, and just kept on and ran her course ‘tween the stars. She stayed blind, stayed deaf, so that the weight of a bleak word could not drag her back.

I like to think she got rid of her fears, shoved them out to spaces too high and too far for them to find their way back in that sky.

But I might be mad. ‘Cause I know she has no voice – no mouth to speak, no eyes to tell a thought  – but on clear nights, when she’s full, I swear I hear her laugh at the hounds.

This story was written in only one-syllable words, a challenge passed on from an old friend, which might have driven me mad if I tried to continue this any farther.

What can you write using only one syllable words?


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