Gwendoogle Part LXXIV – A Lucky Number, A Favorite Color, and the Sweetest Serenade

GwendoogleAnswer served with several silly ideas used as packing material to keep the good ones safe

Kate Kearney searched: When will I receive my next assignment?
Madam. I thought we had already determined that I am not the operative you are looking for. I am not, nor have I ever been, involved in any clandestine workings.

But if you were to take a walk tomorrow between ten thirty-five and eleven ten, you might encounter a man walking two poodles and a chihuahua. If you told him that you were in town visiting your great-uncle Nevukhadnetztzar, the man might say, “What?” If you then were to pet the chihuahua, you might find what you were looking for hidden under the lowest strap of its harness.

But I am not any kind of secret agent. I’m just a blogger.

Rivkah searched: What’s your lucky number?
I don’t have one.

I like odd numbers better than even, and that I like larger numbers better than small. I know the best number of cookies is infinity and the best number of friends is all of them. I born on the ninth, so I kind of like nines, and I was born at midnight, so twelves are pretty cool too. I grew up as one of five children, and a full house is made with seven heads under one roof, and having ten fingers and toes to count on has always been good for me.

But none of those numbers have been any luckier than another.

Boomshadow searched: What is your favorite color?
Purple. Though, I am becoming attached to the color red as I grow older. Really, I’ll just grab the entire pie slice between true purple and true red on the color wheel

Boomshadow searched: What is your quest?
I am a long-road traveler, seeking the excellent one-hundred thousand words of a great novel, and the wisdom to place them in the correct order.

So far, I am certain of about a thousand of the words I have found, and I have determined that placing them in alphabetical order is incorrect. Neither is it correct to place them in reverse alphabetical order. Arranging them by number of characters in ascending or descending order also does not seem right.

Kate Kearney searched: What are all those people doing?
 photo ThatTimeTheyGotTheMustardOut_zps71ec2d8c.gif

Those people?

They’re celebrating society’s progress.

Flip the Otter searched: What are some good ways to stop being lonely when you can’t be near your friends/family?
Step 1: Allow yourself to be lonely. But also set a limit to it. Lonely, in small doses, it just a reminder that you have good friends, good family, good people around you who good to you. Send one or two of them a quick message, just to let them know you are thinking of them. Then move on.

Step 2: Do something nice for yourself. Cook your favorite dinner. Put on your favorite outfit. Take a stroll down a street you really like. Take yourself out to the library. Go to that store, museum, restaurant, or park that you keep meaning to go to. Do something that you personally want to do.

Step 3: Watch a new movie, or read a new book. Fill you head with new ideas, instead of recounting the number of people you wish you were with, and places you wish you could be again.

Step 4: Call a friend. Make plans to see them. Give yourself a time and a place that you know you will see them, even if it is a month away.

Step 5: Rinse and Repeat.

Kate Kearney searched: What have you got in your pockets?
Nothing, actually. When I’m out of the house, I usually have my cell phone in my pocket, but around the house I rarely–

Kate Kearney searched: Who stole my attention span?
 photo DeanneedstothinkFAST_zpsc72ef6c1.gif

You know, I’m not sure. But that seems like something you should look into…

HPLA25 searched: Unlimited Lindt truffles or S’mores?
Lindt truffles. They’re both delicious, but I have a feeling the truffles are more valuable, and I know they are more easily packaged and transported, and small enough to easily keep a large number in a purse or pocket, and therefore would make the better currency. Because, if I have an unlimited supply, I do intend to use them as bribery and payment where possible.

WICKANINNISH searched: Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 23, give me line 17.
Justin nodded and said, “Sign me up.” – Dark Moon Defender by Sharon Shinn

Which is one of the more dangerous sentences to leave out in the world without context. Who knows what Justin has just agreed to? Who knows what we might twist it to say he has agreed to? Leave a blanket statement like this out in the world, dear Justin, and the next thing you know, you might just be standing in a graveyard passing a crackly old book around for some quality-reading-aloud-in-dead-languages-time.

 photo JohnGreenHasGoodAdviceForYou_zps5a385a3b.gif

Reagan T. searched: If a loved one was to serenade you, what song would you most like them to sing?
Image result:
 photo AladdinSHININGshimmeringSPLENDID_zps57da36f6.gif

I am definitely in the generation of people whose childhoods are landmarked by Disney films. Most of them I watched, laughed at, sang along with, and forgot by the time I turned fourteen. A few – Aladdin, Tarzan, Mulan – remained, and can probably account for several of my adult thoughts and instincts. For me, the height romance will always be a magic carpet, and a mad leap into lands unknown after a simple question: Do you trust me?

Although, when I pictured it as a kid, I always owned the carpet. I reached out my hand, I asked him to trust me, and the sweetest serenade I know, is just his hand in mine, his grin matching mine, knowing he was always one step behind me in whatever mad dash I chose. I’ve never needed the balcony scene.

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