Gwendoogle Part LXXXVII – Six Things, Seven Days, and Eight Funny Looks

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Kate Kearney searched: What are six things that made you happy this week?
1. It’s November, which means it’s National Novel Writing Month. This is my eighth year in a row as a participant, but I haven’t completed the challenge in the last three years. Three days ago, I completed the challenge.
 photo TheEmperorsNewBoomBaby_zpsnuiockuw.gif

2. I figured out one of the universe’s best kept secrets: it’s about ten times easier for me to give myself a Dutch braid than a French braid, and now I have something I can do with my very long hair in less than five minutes.

3. I bought a new comfy sweater. And I’m wearing it right now.

4. I just started seeing a chiropractor, which has me in his office three times a week until we can figure out the best way to get me ship-shape again. All three times I walked into his office this week, Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival started playing. I can’t stop laughing about it.

5. Last night I finished watching Parks and Rec. I started watching for a musician, and I accidentally fell in love with the accountant. This has never happened to me before. And I’m nothing but pleased.

6. The night before last I finished reading The Slow Regard of Silent Things by Patrick Rothfuss. It was every good thing I expected it to be.

What has made you happy this week?

Flip the Otter searched: Will you pick an outfit from different decades or centuries and describe your clothes for the week?
One of the things that always liked about history, is how modern the idea of a complete wardrobe is for most classes. When every article of clothing was still being individually made, closets were a lot thinner, and in some cultures in some times, you could wear the exact same article of clothing every day of the week.

For instance, if I were a Spartan woman living in 500 B.C.E., on the Day of the Sun, I’d wear my peplos, which was basically a light sheet folded in half around the body, tied tight around the waist, and pinned at the shoulders. Any extra fabric that might drag on the ground would be folded over from the top edge, adding a second layer of cloth that usually ended around the waist.

On the day of the Moon, I’d wear my peplos. On Ares’ Day, I would wear my peplos. On Hermes’ Day,  Zeus’ Day, and Aphrodite’s Day, I would wear my peplos.

On Kronos’ Day, I would wear my peplos, with the special accent of a stain from Aphrodite’s Day dinner.

Kate Kearney searched: Is there any way to convince my hair to swoop properly?
Diplomatic talks and hairspray.

Flip the Otter searched: Supposedly different types of alcohol affect moods in different ways, is there any research/information on how those moods are affected by alcohol type across the American population or is it individual basis, or are such claims completely unfounded?
According to the research, the different moods that arrive when intoxicated have less to do with what you’ve been drinking, and more to do with what you’ve been thinking.

If you expect the alcohol to affect you in a certain way, it usually does. If you expect whiskey to make you angry, and tequila to reduce you to giggles, and vodka to make you dance on tables, your uninhibited drunk self will probably make that happen. Also, if you’ve been having a bad week and politely keeping that yourself for most of the day, your uninhibited drunk self will stop being so polite.

All the same, there’s no harm in avoiding drinks that help you behave in a manner you don’t want to, whether or not they’re just the misdirect in your mental magic trick.

Kate Kearney searched: How far is there to fall?
My chair is about two feet off the ground, the floor seems fairly sound, and the window is too accidentally hit on the way down, so… two feet.

I feel strangely comforted. I could take on the world from this chair, because there’s just not that far to fall.

Flip the Otter searched: What are these numbers on the back of my Loebs? These gold numbers?
From your description, my best guess is that you’re looking at your book’s volume number in the Leob Classical Library.

Or, you were typing very quickly and made some strange capitalizations and misspellings, which would be understandable as you’ve just been abducted, tagged, and released by extraterrestrials. You should see a doctor. And a xenologist.

Kate Kearney searched: Would you play a board game that affected reality?
After over thinking this question, I have to say that I do it all the time.

My reality is constantly affected by who I decide to sit down to the table and play with, how I chose to play against them, and how I respond to winning or losing. Maybe Monopoly is just a game, but when I was twelve, I earned so much money inside the game, I started giving it away to my brother and sister, just to keep the game going, and the term “Gwendolyn-Give-Away-Rich” entered my reality. Maybe Munchkin is just a game, but I will almost always become the most ruthless player at the table when we bring out the cards, and that’s part of my reality too.

But if you’re asking if I’d roll the dice to decide whether my neighborhood will get a spring rain or a nice hurricane, the answer is no.

I like keeping enough safety in my games so that I can gamble hazardously.

JungleCatBurglar searched: Does your name make any interesting anagrams?
“Tarzan dangles showmanly.”

I think my parents named me this way on purpose.

Kate Kearney searched: Do you have an opinion on wearing shoes in the house?
In my house, I am firmly against it. First of all, because my parents made it the law of the house when I was nine years old, and it’s hard to forget laws that ancient. Second, because I believe in an individual’s liberty to slip and slide and dive at all times inside their own home.

In other people’s homes, I am rarely without my shoes, unless asked to be. Alien carpets unnerve me.

ZerotoHero90 searched: Stretch your left arm out as far as you can. What can you touch?

I feel like a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Kate Kearney searched: Why is the question bucket so dangerously low?
Because there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza.

Kate Kearney searched: Did a badger eat some of the questions?
I think he ate some of the bucket. How do you fix a badger-bitten bucket?

Kate Kearney searched: How are the badgers?
Two of them are fine. Happy. Sprightly even. They appear to be having a rousing discussion about the best way to deliver the Interrupting Badger Kick. Elle seems to think a good heel-first shove that leads into a song and dance number is best. Jackson thinks that toe first is the only way to go.

Samuel, however, seems to be regretting his life choices and wishing he’d left the trick eating to their friend, Gaizka the Goat.

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One thought on “Gwendoogle Part LXXXVII – Six Things, Seven Days, and Eight Funny Looks

  1. When using the font Symbol to write in Ancient Greek how do you make rough breathers and other notations? What if a paradox occurred where a pivotal point your life was different. Say the parents of your best friend never got together, and then because you never knew your best friend you never met a lot of the other people you now know and or are close with. Your life is irrevocable different, you have different friends, perhaps went to a different school and have a different job. In that case would you want to remember the people from your “previous life” so you have some contact with the people you knew and loved or would you rather have the non-existent past wiped from your memory so that the new, friends, jobs etc are the only truth?

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