Flash Fiction: Adulthood (337 words)

The apartment was silent as Dana opened the front door. It was no great surprise. She had worked extra hours, coming back too late to catch Sadie just as barged in with her I-have-escaped-the-office-for-the-day-rush, and too early for the music and running around when her roommate decided to squeeze a few more moments out of the day.

Dana took off her shoes, and meandered down the hall to Sadie’s door. It was cracked open, allowing a yellow shaft of light to cross the carpet. Inside, there was the steady tap of computer keys without any real purpose. Pushing the door open, Dana leaned against the frame and looked in.

Sadie was curled into her padded chair, laptop on her knees, comfortably quiet.

“Hey,” Dana said. “Have you gotten dinner? I was thinking about ordering in.”

It took a moment for Sadie to drag her attention up from the screen. She blinked once at Dana before she finally managed it. Then her mouth started to curve into a low smile. “Dinner?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Dana said. “I was thinking Chinese.”

“I totally forgot,” she said. There was just enough lift at the end of the statement, just enough curve to her mouth, to make her seem excited.

Dana hesitated. “You forgot… Did you start something?”

“No,” Sadie said. She picked up her laptop and set it aside.

“Did you already order…”

Sadie shook her head before Dana could finish. “Nope.” She stood up, striding toward the door, with her hand already lifted to tap the light switch as she passed. Sliding past Dana, she started down the hall.

“You…” Dana turned where she was, staring at Sadie, head tilted, mouth open. “You forgot that you were allowed to consume another meal yet today?”

“Yep!” Sadie said. She spun on her toes to look at Dana when she nodded, kept spinning, and kept walking. “I get more real food today! I don’t have to settle for snacks.”

“Adulthood is strange,” Dana told her.

“Let’s not talk about it,” Sadie returned.


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