This Year’s Speech Bubble

Apprentice Never Master 2014 Wordle

In a rush? Here’s my blog in 200 words or less.

This time last year, I looked up my blog’s worded foot-print using Tagxedo. This year, I’m using a speech bubble.

I’m thrilled to see some words move up on the list this year. Like the last names of some of my favorite characters, front and center, and unable to be ignored. It’s about they start bothering someone other than me.

I’m also fond of the fact that my blog knows that it’s a “Long Story” (and that Jennika got right in the middle of it.)

I’m not sure about the bottom line here, but at least it leads to interesting conversations:

Neekers: Blog want sit.
Me: Blog can’t sit. Blog try next year.

And I feel like looking at this jumble is a personality test all in itself, watching what catches each person’s attention. What do you see?



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