Top Ten Things I Didn’t Expect to Do in 2014

It’s nearing the end of December, and with the Christmas rush enjoyed and finished, it’s the time of year when we all start making lists. Grocery lists for the last feasts of the year. Grocery lists of indulgences that we will forgo shortly after that (because we have to start the new year off right). Lists of things we want to do, and lists of things we have done.

Last year I made a list of the things that I had unexpectedly accomplished. It was a nice reminder that the lists aren’t always the only things that get things done, and it made me smile. It’s time to do it again.

Top Ten Things I Didn’t Expect to Do in 2014 (and may or may not occur in 2015)

10. Finally manage to surprise that one un-surprise-able friend with an unexpected visit. It was not a well-planned surprise, and in fact, I didn’t know I was going more than 48 hours in advance, but maybe that was the key. Of course, it might also be the key to mass confusion, but that didn’t bother us much.

9. Dye my entire head of hair. I’ve done highlights, and streaks of unnatural color, but this was the first year where all my color came from a bottle.

8. Attend my first large convention. One minute we were walking past the doors. The next minute we were buying tickets and joining the crowd. :)

7. Watch old movies and read old books, and realize that I could sympathize with characters that I had hated before. Maybe I’m growing up…

6. Consider, for some altogether serious moments, living on a different continent. I didn’t go, but I thought about it, and it was worth thinking about, just to know that I am more tied to my friends and family than the ground I’m standing on.

5. Trip and get all my friends addicted to an MMORPG. Whoopsies. :)

4. Get more blog hits in three days, than I did in all of the year before them. And there’s no way I ever could have planned for it. If I had, I don’t think it would have been as sweet.

3. Drive the Oregon Trail with my brother and sisters. The road trips just keep coming in the most delightful, surprising fashions. Museums, and old trails, and starlit skies, oh my.

2. Get one of my little sisters up a three mile trail where one side of the trail consistently dropped off into nothing. She’s not a fan of heights. I have climbed mountains before, and while this one wasn’t a mountain, I was prouder of walking up with her, than I was in any of the rock-scrabbles I’ve done before.

1. Play cards with a hero of mine. Being in the same room would have been enough. Being talking to him would have been enough. Sitting at the same table for a while would have been grand. Losing some imaginary dollars to him in a fast, fun game was flat out awesome.


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