Flash Fiction: Sleep Tight (215 words)

Ryane rolled onto her side. She pressed her back to the thin wooden wall behind her, and tucked her blanket tight to her chin. The windows here didn’t quite close, but the night breeze only cooled her nose and cheeks, well-trained this far south in the islands so that it knew not to bite. She was plenty warm enough, and had been for hours, though sleep was coming slowly.

Nestled into the corner between wall and floor, she finally felt able to leave her eyes closed. She’d never understand that. Lying on her back felt like being under an open storm sky, even though she was staring straight up at a ceiling. Lying on her side felt like hiding in all the best ways, tucked away from any one and anything that had a mind for finding.

Ryane took a deep breath in, and let it out again at whatever speed it liked, finally relaxed. There were all the same night noises, but she didn’t need to look to know what they were. Breeze, wall board, floor, and eave. Cat, passerby, echo, slats.

Finally settled, firm and steady, she could finally drift. And it made no sense to her, and in the deep hours of the night, she didn’t care.

Finally settled, she could drift and sleep.


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