Throw Aside

I’ve had a lot of days put on hold over the last few years, by things that you hope will never come on any day. I’ve had days used up and burned out, all wrapped up in emergencies that disallow anything else. But not today.

Today is all wrapped up, and I’m thrilled. We’ll burn through it, and I’m happy that it should be so bright. Today, I will have no time for anything else – maybe even no time to breathe – and I couldn’t wish it any other way.

Today, my older sister is getting married, and I will be doing nothing but following her around and painting this day in the best colors I can find.

I will put on my party dress. I will dance a little, laugh a lot, hug people I have not seen in a long time, and celebrate things that deserve nothing less.

And I will be thrilled to lose the day, glad that life has the full arc of all it’s circles: that we are compelled to throw aside all our plans for both our emergencies and our triumphs.


7 thoughts on “Throw Aside

      • I cried like a baby at my sister’s wedding… most of the pictures of me I’m crying. You would think I went to a funeral. I’m glad you had a great time and it was a happy day! :)

        • My sister asked me to be her Maid of Honor, so I think that helped with the crying. I knew that if I started crying while I was standing up there next to her, there was no way that anybody else would be able to make it through. lol.

          • I was the Maid of Honor, too. I cried when my sister put on her dress, I cried right before we walked down the aisle, I cried as my sister walked down the aisle with my dad, and I cried in the middle of my speech… yeah. Lol.

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