Flash Fiction: Cold Snap (339 words)

The apples were so big Wen held them to her chest with one arm rather than run down the street with one massive fruit fattening each hand. She had seen jewels with less perfect color, the mottled red and yellow falling in narrow stripes like the unknowable colors of an eye. They couldn’t have held a better shine if she had slicked them with oil, and they were heavy, promising sweetness inside. Wen ran around the corner as quick as she could.

Bevi was in her yard, sitting with her back to the fence as she usually did when she had nothing better to do with herself. Wen tossed one of the apples over to her, just to empty her hands a little before she vaulted over the fence herself. She still had to bend into a crouch to keep from losing her grip, pinning her apple and hand between chest and knees.

“Hey,” Wen said.

“Hey,” Bevi said. She had both hands wrapped around her apple, but she gave a full grinning greeting, before she turned away and ignored her in favor of her first bite.

Wen didn’t care, and took a thick bite herself. The apple cracked perfectly, and she had to put a hand to her chin to stop the line of juice from running down into her shirt. She sucked on the piece before she chewed, and it was sugar and cool drink and beautiful crunch all at once. And she took another greedy bite.

“It’s not fair,” Bevi murmured. She didn’t sound at all upset though, as she sucked in too, and talked around a big chunk.

Wen looked over and raised her eyebrows while she chewed.

“Why does it only taste this good right before winter?” Bevi asked. “I hate the cold, but I’m always counting down the days, just for this.” She shook her head.

Wen tried not to laugh at her. She chewed carefully, pulling every bit of juice out of her bite as she could. Bevi did the same, and cracked off another bite without hesitation.

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