It’s 11:13 in the Evening on April the 21st…

…If you wanted to know, and I’ve been telling stories all day about the impatient sort of person that I am.

I am the type to shove things into place, rather than find the exact place that they fit. I am the type to see another person solve a puzzle, decide the solution is not as fun as it ought to be, and implement it in a way that makes it totally ineffective. I am the type to never read a manual where there is something to hit that might make it work better.

I am the type to never be bored, but often be frustrated. And you can put that on my tombstone.

Which is why I sometimes – when the world has spun a little faster than I gave it permission to, and I have a wedding to get to at the end of this week, and I have just had the very pleasant invasion by four of my best friends in the world – slap together a blog post like this so that I can keep my daily writing streak.

And then feel a little guilty about it when I post it to the internet.

But not a lot. Because my friends are waiting, and at least I understand myself.


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