Flash Fiction: Silent Gray (178 words)

The sky turned gray first. The ensuing riot of red, pink, purple, and yellow seemed like a bold thing, but it didn’t dare to touch the blue-black of the night. It waited at the horizon, toes stopped at the threshold, until gentle gray had nudged the darkness to the opposite side of the sky.

Leaning back from her desk, Ovie smiled slowly at the gray’s silent tenacity. She had worked through the night again, without really meaning to, though she was happy enough with the feeling of accomplishment that rested quietly behind the hum of her tired mind. She was too drained to appreciate the bright colors, and the sunlight streaming in behind them was waking her up more than she would like without giving her any fresh energy. She had been sitting too long, and she didn’t know a stretch that could soothe her more than the thought of curling up around her pillow. It was morning, and she didn’t want it quite yet.

But she understood the gray. She recognized that unintimidating, unyielding way to push.

3 thoughts on “Flash Fiction: Silent Gray (178 words)

  1. I don’t remember who wrote it, maybe Terry Pratchett, but it went something like:

    “Light likes to think it’s the fastest thing in the universe. Yet no matter how fast and how far it goes, it always finds that the darkness has gotten there first.”

    • That IS Terry Pratchett. :) It’s from one of his Discworld books, Reaper Man. My favorite part of that quote is actually the last bit that you left off: “… darkness has always gotten there first, and is waiting for it.” Delightfully creepy.

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