Gwendoogle Part CX – *articulate gestures*

GwendoogleAnswers served with the strange sensation of having been turned into a mute. I’ll get better?

Kate Kearney searched: How many questions can you answer with GIFs?
 photo Annaiswaitingforyourveryimportantreaction_zps00jqokou.gif
Flip the Otter searched: Will you relate an event from this Christmas via GIFs?
 photo KhalandIareinthesamelineofbusiness_zpsmqfveq4r.gif

 photo Chekovcandozat_zpsv0jg6k55.gif

 photo Kahndoesnotlikemornings_zpsxlft66n5.gif

E-Boy searched: Please describe the life cycle of a question on Gwendoogle in  GIFs.
 photo Dudeknowssomeofthesewords_zps7b4itcn1.gif

 photo LizziedidtheresearchsoIdonthaveto_zps99wsmenh.gif

 photo Houseismockingme_zpsbsniq5xl.gif

 photo Ichabodhasdonesomethingcatastrophic_zpsnbzyagme.gif

 photo Howwegetawaywithmurder_zpsbserzpnw.gif

Kate Kearney searched: How do you stretch yourself as a writer?
 photo PikedemonstratingThingsnottosaytoaneight_zpse3sghkf3.gif

Kate Kearney searched: What was in that water?
 photo Castieldoesnotthinkthatsimportant_zpsyokxuced.gif

 photo Castielknowstherulesnowgood_zpsehm40zur.gif

 photo Castielwasgoingtokeephistrapshutbut_zpsw166s3yt.gif

Kate Kearney searched: Song recommendations of the week?
 photo tumblr_mn7u4jLt9H1sre9dco1_500_zps2pm7pfek.gif

 photo tumblr_inline_n6le52m7fd1rfjdli_zpstib74npy.gif

 photo tumblr_mlrs5aTtEW1r5cdsjo1_500_zpss2x8pi2x.gif

Kelly T. searched: Harry Potter or The Hunger Games? Choose wisely. ;)
 photo workingonnotgettingkilledtoday_zpsmupextru.gif

Kate Kearney searched: Is there a way out of this death trap?
 photo Malknowshowprettyheis_zpsydr9e2bd.gif

 photo MalandZoeagreetoshootpeoplePOLITELY_zpsbwgkhwtf.gif

Have a question for Gwendoogle? Leave it in comments below and I’ll be back next week to answer it.

The question bucket currently has: 6 questions

Next week, I’ll be answering as many questions as possible about books. Do your worst.


One thought on “Gwendoogle Part CX – *articulate gestures*

  1. The bucket needs filling! What did pre-sunscreen sailors use to protect against sunburn? What does the Sea Clan use? What’s the strongest sunscreen I can use? …I will keep thinking….

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