What’s Behind Door Number Two

At 11:30 PM, I apparently have two options:

I can explain my state of mind in low and melodramatic tones, all long-sentenced and adjective-heavy in the dim light of my square, little room with midnight seeping in over the windowsill. I am so tired.

Or I can throw my hands in the air, grin at you, and consider what image I can plug into this post to show you just how much I don’t care about work right now. Because I am so tired.

And one of them involves a grin, so you can guess which one I’m leaning toward.

 photo I dont care_zps0hue92pe.gif

I care a little more than that, but honestly, that’s part of the reason I’m so tired, so let’s you, and I, and Judy Garland ignore that. Her level of apathy looks more likely to start a party, don’t you think?


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