Summary of a Summary

I spent a lot of yesterday working on a novella outline. I intend to participate in Camp NaNoWriMo next month, and I’ve by-the-seat-of-my-pants-ed that 50,000 word dash before, but I’m usually happier with the results when I have a loose plan. So, I hammered out a three page summary and started playing with the pieces.

I wasn’t quite happy with it when I closed the file last night, so I opened it again this morning. I found many good things, and among them, the following notes:

… Intro Elodie (El) as well. She’s a little jealous of the pretty clothes the servant is wearing, but she’s mostly just really good with a hammer, and fire, red-hot metal, and murder. Okay, no murder. Wrong story.

… Then she meets Momma on the street? And she’s appears to be right? She’s definitely wrong? I DON’T KNOW JUST LET ME INTRODUCE YOU TO MY VILLAIN.

… It’s back to the forges we go. Ashlynn is a sleep, grumpy blacksmith, and that makes for an exciting day. Woohoo. Hey, who put this kiddie pool full of sarcasm here?

… and this FIXES EVERYTHING. (I appear to be having a problem with my caps lock. Oh dear.)

… (This is either a super short, super easy chapter, or I’m going to end up combining it with chapter 6. But this is my first draft outline so WOOHOO THIS IS CHAPTER FIVE, PEOPLES.)

… And when everything is ready… everything is ready. (Excellent summary, Gwen. Very good job. You win all the points and Man Booker Prizes.)

… (Should I have introduced Brance before this? The answer must be yes. Always yes. Like I’m capable of stopping him from running away with a plotline. Stupid princes.)

Was she surprised about this all the way back in chapter 2? Yep. Probably. Yep. Let’s go add that note. Our mission, should we choose to accept it: MAKE THIS NOTE REDUNDANT!

He walks into the smith and says, “oh, hey, Elodie” and proceeds to have EVERYONE TRY THE THING ON THEIR TOESES. YES.

Needless to say, I’ve had a good laugh already today. I’ve also learned two things:

1) That when I write outlines, there isn’t much distance between my brain and my fingers. Thoughts jump right through without having to pass inspection.

2) That apparently I’m quite happy and excited about this project?

What do your outlines look like?


9 thoughts on “Summary of a Summary

  1. Um, Camp NaNo is in July…. *blink blink* You are awesomely ahead of the game. Also, your outline and my outlines… look kind of similar – I talk to my characters more.

    • I am ahead. But I am also excited. AND I’m going to be out of town and out of country for the last ten days of the July, so I am going to start in the last ten days of June, and pretend that isn’t cheating. :)

  2. Your notes look like my sister’s notes. My outlines aren’t as entertaining as yours, lol. I got a good laugh out of this. It’s nice you know what you’re going to write for Camp, though. I still have no idea…

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