They’re All Definitely ROUGH Drafts

Here are some things that have been saved in my Drafts folder with the idea that I will one day expand them into full blog posts (since they have all been hanging around for at least six months, it seems unlikely):

I’m always bad at dealing with the end of vacations. I appreciate the familiarity of my own bed. I like the freedom to cook my own food. I love the people who smile at me on a daily basis. Still, my thoughts on those last few days almost always hover around plots to steal just a little more time. Or how to escape to do it again.

The fact that I come home every time has nothing to do with me not being devious enough.

I should read more books. They’re sort of magical.

One day I am going to write a story about alternate universes. That’s not a decision or an oath. I’m not petitioning for it or resisting. I don’t have any real feelings about it at all, honestly. I just keep looking at the order of my thoughts after watching a movie about alternate universes and asking my own brain, “Why are you filing that in the inspiration drawer?”

Romantics always give up on love – at one point or another – before they find it. I think that has to be the case. There’s simply not enough room between the faith that all loves will fail but the magnificent One, and the faith that all loves will fail. And it’s always about faith. There’s no proof until the last one.

There is an untold myriad of songs that I would love, if I just had the ability to change one word/line/verse. Sometimes that frustrates me because I don’t have any viable mechanism through which to make my alterations. Sometimes that frustrates me because I know there’s a lyricist somewhere that worked really hard on that one word/line/verse and I have a sudden inability to say anything mean about their baby.

At four a.m., it apparently seemed like a good idea to make the following note to myself: I should start collecting things that I don’t care about destroying and, when I have enough of them, I should light them on fire and take pictures for a blog post. At four p.m., it apparently seemed like a good idea to type this up and save it, just in case.


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