Shortening Miles

As of today, I have written one thousand blog posts here on Apprentice Never Master.

I’m not sure what tone to tell you to read that in.

The simplest thing, would be to tell you to assume that I’m bragging. And I am. I could have let this day pass like any other day on the blog, but I chose to announce this. I’ve written one thousand blog posts in one thousand and forty-three days. That’s pretty fantastic, if you don’t mind me saying.

I could tell you that I’m excited. And I am. One thousand is a huge number, and I believe in celebrating huge things. Strike up the band. Shove the chairs to the wall and give me a dance floor. Pass the sparkling cider and cut the cake. Imagine that I’m wearing a party hat, because if I owned one, I would be, and I’d love to invite you to party with me.

All my usual rules for celebrations hold: leave me a comment below with something good that just happened in your world (I will cheer with you!) or leave me a comment with a link to a blog post of yours that hasn’t gotten as much love as you would like (I will read and comment on them all over the next few days) or leave a comment with both!

I could also tell you that I’m stunned that I did this. I tend to think that I’m the sort of person who struggles with consistency, and honestly, one thousand posts in one thousand days is only beginning to shake that belief.

When I started this blog – at midnight, on a whim – I couldn’t know the number of hours I would sink into this project or the unscratchable itch I would get at the idea of skipping a single day. And yet, in one of my pieces of flash fiction, I wrote this:

“This is enough,” she whispered. “To get us out of town and a hundred miles down the road. This is a thousand steps away from here and full stomachs the whole way and–”

“And not much farther,” he told her. Ducking his head to catch her gaze, he leaned in closer. “A hundred miles up the road and you’ll be in a stretch of nowhere. You’ll be walking hungry real soon.”

Straightening, she met his eye. “Let’s leave today.”

I went back to the beginning of this blog and read that again today, and for a silly moment, thought I might have understood what I was doing.

I had enough then to get started, enough to stretch and get out of my comfortable places. Now, I’m a thousand steps away and, happily, I have no idea where I am. I’m a little hungry, but I think that’s what makes it so easy to say that I’ll take another thousand. Can’t stop in the middle of nowhere, can I?

Thank you to everyone who has walked with me, whether it was for a little while or the long haul. A good companion shortens a long mile, and all of you have been excellent.


5 thoughts on “Shortening Miles

  1. Congrats on this milestone! I think writing 1,000 posts is a huge accomplishment. You can really see how far your blog has come in that time. Never stop posting!

    • lol. Were I a wine person, I totally would have cracked open a bottle. And gosh, now I want Hollins wine bottles for major events in the writer/blogger life. That is what wine bottles and glitter make me think of.

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