The Inside of My Skull Tonight

My brain: I’m tired.

Me: [sympathetically] I know.

My brain: Let’s read a book.

Me: Yes.

My brain: Awesome. I’ll just pick this one up and–

Me: [grabs Brain by the collar] Right after we finish our work. [gestures toward the blog with a laziness that could be mistaken for elegance]

My brain: [does not mistake it for elegance] I’m tired.

Me: It won’t take long.

My brain: You said that an hour ago.

Me: Well, you didn’t give me anything to write yet.

My brain: [sighs,  open her arms, and starts spilling things on the floor: sunrise; sunset; the seeming collision of Venus and Jupiter in a black sky that we missed in reality a few hours ago thanks to the thunderstorm, but might not have to miss in fiction; a school of yellow fish; a rant about the beautiful purpose of words, which has clearly been misunderstood by that sixteen-year-old I just heard say that one of her life goals was to gain the sort of quick and brilliant vocabulary that would ensure that no one understood her; the smooth sound of a clock ticking over the head of someone ready to strike; a crowbar; a box of oreos; the desire to be clever without its twin, the will to be clever; roof cats; a knife named kitten; peppermint; a growing headache; introspection on why that font reminds me of pirates even though I know the book is about superheroes; terrible mercy and fortunate cruelty; marbles, bubbles, toothpicks and a box of jacks]

Me: Thank you?

My brain: Let’s go watch Game of Thrones.

Me: No?


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