Flash Fiction: Call It Early (205 words)

“Let’s call it early,” Jaxon said.

Sia had been leaning tiredly against her hand, but watching him stand and stretch seemed worth giving him a proper look of disbelief, so she raised her head and stared at him. There was a pile of ledgers between them yet, papers with notes to be put in the official records and contracts to be sorted. The lifting and moving and hammering of the day had been finished half an hour before, along with the last hours of daylight, but there was still hours of work left.

Jaxon glanced at the pile, and then at her. “We both know we’re not getting all this done tonight.”

She paused, hesitant to agree, but willing to let him know she was at least considering it. Then she let her face slide into a slanted smile. “Do we?”

Jaxon laughed in away that crossed into a sigh at the end. He leaned toward her over the desk. “I know how much you like to do impossible things…”

Sia smiled a little wider.

“But how about you try this,” Jaxon said. “Let go. Relax. And keep that smile.”

Sia paused again.

Jaxon shook his head. “Don’t tell me that’s not impossible enough for you.”

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