Flash Fiction: Last Fifteen Pages (218 words)

Dana was aiming for the kitchen when she heard Sadie turning the key in the lock at the front door. She slowed down, resettling the empty mug and bowl in her hands while the door swung open. Sadie held up a hand before Dana could say anything. She closed the door with her foot and reached down with her other hand to pull her shoes off her feet.

“I had to leave for work this morning with fifteen pages left in my book,” she said.

Dana blinked at her. “And?”

“Does this conversation have to happen before I find out if Jaise dies for love or for honor?” she asked.

This conversation,” Dana repeated.

Sadie nodded.

“The one where we say hello and how are you?” Dana asked.

“Yes,” Sadie said.

Dana shrugged. “No, I think I’m good.”

Sadie thanks her with a smile, and squeezed her roommate’s arm as she rushed past her toward her bedroom door. Dana waited where she was – it seemed safer not to move until Sadie had gotten farther away – then paused.

“Jaise’s going to die?” she called over her shoulder.

“If he doesn’t, I’m throwing this book out the window, because they’ve been telegraphing it since page three!” Sadie called back.

Dana laughed to herself. “Open the window first, please!”

“Will do!”

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