Would You Rather: Writer Edition

Rachel Poli sort of tagged me in a game of Writerly Would You Rather? She didn’t mention me by name or anything, but I thought I saw her wink at me through the internet. Or she blinked, and I just wasn’t paying attention. Whichever.

Would you rather only write stand-alones or trilogies?
Stand-alones, I think. I’ve been writing since I was about five, and have yet to come up with an idea for a trilogy. I figure if I can go twenty years without needing to write one, I can go another eighty.

Would you rather be a professional novelist/poet or a professional blogger?
Professional novelist. I’m ninety percent sure that it would be less stressful that the breakneck-speed blogging that I’ve decided to undertake. Also, I’m looking forward to the day when I can hold a book in my hand and say I wrote this. Blogs are sadly intangible.

Would you rather hand write or have to type for the rest of your life?
… I am ridiculously distressed by this idea.

I usually type. It has been months in fact since I wrote anything by hand that wasn’t a quick note to make sure I didn’t forget a story idea or a to-do item, but I like my handwriting. It’s sloppy, and inconsistent, but the older I get the more it reminds me of the lazy elegance that my parents pull off.

But I type faster. Some nights, with deadlines approaching like stampeding elephants, that’s crucial.

So, I suppose that I will type for the rest of my life, because I prefer not to get trampled by angry pachyderms. (Sometimes, I get really excited at the sentences that I get to publish on this blog.)

Would you rather be forced to write everything in uppercase or lowercase letters?
Now, I want to change my answer to the last question. If I were hand-writing everything, I’d be happy to write in uppercase. When I’m scribbling quickly, I usually do, because I’m more likely to write legibly that way. BUT TYPING IN UPPERCASE FEELS LIKE STANDING ON A SOAP BOX AND SOAP BOXES HAVE DEVELOPED VERY POOR REPUTATIONS OVER THE YEARS.


but at least in lowercase, i don’t tend to lose my punctuation like i do when i yell from my soap box. i just have to get past the feeling that i’m aping e. e. cummings.

Would you rather only write 2 pages per day or 250 pages per week?
Watch out. English major with a calculator coming through. Clear the area.

I usually write two to three hundred words per page.

250 pages x 200 words = 50,000 words

Every November, I undertake a challenge to write 50,000 words. In a month. It’s exhausting. I spend all of December sleeping, actually cooking my meals instead of fishing them out of the microwave, and letting my hands rest to soothe away my carpal tunnel.

How many words would I have to write per day to finish the challenge in a week?

50,000 words / 7 days = 7,142.86 words per day

I can usually manage six or seven hundred words an hour, so that’s…

7,143 words / 700 = 10.2 hours spent writing per day at the minimum

No. No no no.

What’s my other option? Two pages every day?

2 pages per day x 200-300 words = 400-600 words

400-600 words x 7 days = 2,800-4,200 words per week

I won’t break any speed records, but I’ll still have a life. I would take two pages a day in a heartbeat.

Would you rather be traditionally published or self-published?
Traditionally seems more glamorous, if for no other reason than that self-publishing is still trying to shake the vanity-publishing reputation. I also hear that it comes with an editor, copy-editor, cover artist, designer, etc., which would be lovely. I’m more than happy to share the work load with other people.

But… there’s more control over your work in self-publishing. And you get a bigger cut of the sales. And there’s really no reason for self-publishing to still have that vanity-publishing stigma.

I think I would choose traditional publishing, but I could easily be swayed.

Would you rather only write in pen or pencil?
Pen. Pen pen pen. Give me all your ink. I hate the scratchy-lead noises that pencils make. The only thing that bothers me more while writing is the squeaky-lead noises that other pencils make.

Would you rather only be allowed to write at your desk or anywhere else in the world?
Anywhere else in the world. I do ten percent of my writing at a desk, ten percent on the couch, and eighty percent of it on the floor. Who needs furniture?


(or was that a blink?)


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