Flash Fiction: Daring Deed (155 words)

The next thunder-clap burst inside their chests, almost too loud in their ears, shaking their lungs so that they both gasped. Ash ducked her head. Kera raised her hands to cover her ears, but was too slow and stopped when the thunder rumbled to an end. They took an unsteady breath.

Kera started to laugh at herself, the rain rolling down her nose. Ash was smiling too when she looked at her.

“Time to go inside?” Kera asked.

Ash actually hesitated a moment and Kera wanted to hug her for it, or build a statue to her bravery. Then Ash nodded, so sharp and fast that her wet hair fell into her face.

Kera laughed.

“Let’s go, let’s go!” Ash said. She pushed Kera ahead of her, and the two of them darted across the slick grass, running and sliding, bare toes in soft mud. Breathless, they collided with the front door and slipped inside.


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