I Have a Ridiculous Sense of Humor

My friend, The Truculent Wonder would like me to title this blog post We’re Tipping Dead Roof Cows. But then… she is named The Truculent Wonder.

It’s her birthday today. I texted her to say happy birthday in all caps, with two references to inside jokes within one exuberant sentence. She texted back to tell me she was showing up for dinner. Told me, because she and I haven’t really asked each other questions since we graduated college and needed the extra umph to make sure we saw each other every couple of months.

It’s a good system. She’s a good friend to have.

But it means that today we’re going to eat triple chocolate cake, grin over balloons with cartoon characters that do not reflect our age, and chat until midnight. She won’t answer work texts. I won’t write valuable blog posts.

But we will swing into eachother’s lives like better dressed and (slightly) more cultured Tarzans, and surprise each other into smiles.

Especially as we try to decide whether it’s better to tip a zombie-fied cow on the roof with a good shove, or with a five dollar bill.

Hope you smiled, too.

(Wednesday Serial will return next week.)


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