My Future Book Tag

The My Future Book Tag was originally created by BookGeekMovieFreak over on YouTube. No one tagged me. I’m just doing it because cootie-catchers went out of style in 1999. :)

Before starting this tag, I wrote the titles of eight different books down on slips of paper and threw them into a “hat.” It was, in fact, a little yellow bucket with a frog drawn on the side, but by tradition, hats are the best things to drop objects into when you want them to come out in a random order. (I wonder how that happened.) I chose eight of my current favorite books, hoping that would give me a bright future, but the tag didn’t specify any criteria.

Then I started drawing names out of the “hat” one at at time to follow the tag’s instructions:

The Name of the Wind by Patrick RothfussBook 1: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss

Open your first book to a random page. If the first word on the page is less than five letters, you’re going to college (celebrate!). If the first word is more than five words, you’re not.
The first word on the page is, “chapter.”

[looks sideways at the Bachelor of Arts diploma already safely tucked away in her closet]

Apparently, I am not continuing my higher education?

Open your first book to a random page. The profession of the character whose name you see first will be your profession. (Note: if the character is still in school, you will be a teacher and if that character’s profession is not mentioned in the book, you will be unemployed.)
And I see… Ambrose Jakis.

Ambrose is the eldest son and heir to a nobleman. I don’t think that counts as a profession.

His last name, slightly misspelled, becomes a good description of his personality. Thank goodness, that is not a profession.

He also attends a very prestigious university, when he’s not taking semesters off because he needs to give the Masters time to cool off before they decide to kick him out. How fun! I guess that makes me a teacher who decides to take a sabbatical when things are getting too tense on campus, not when I have an interesting research opportunity.

Is it bad that that actually seems like a reasonable prediction?

Darkmoon Defender by Sharon ShinnBook 2: Dark Moon Defender by Sharon Shinn

Open your second book to a random page. You’re going to marry the character whose name you see first.
[flips through pages] And… Romar Brendyn.

This book is full of romantic heroes: Tayse is one of those tall, taciturn warriors with a heart that manages to be both iron and gold. Donnal is loyal to the point that his biggest problem is understanding the difference between being in love and being a rug. Justin is sweet, fierce, and unbelievably appealing to me on a personal level.

Justin is also the main character of the novel, and probably has his name on every page. Except the page that I turned to. Which happened to be Tayse’s amazing proposal to the love of his life. And the only time in the entire book that Romar Brendyn, the King’s regent, who takes center stage in the previous book in the series by dramatically cheating on his wife is mentioned.

Of course, I’m going to marry Romar Brendyn. [sighs]

Open your second book to a random page. You’re going to be best friends with the character whose name you see first.
I shall be best friends with… Ellynor.

Ellynor is quiet, polite, and can absolutely murder you in your sleep before you ever see her coming, because she can manipulate shadows to hide herself from the world. I’m not sure that she’ll be the best person to complain about Romar to, but she will be very good at helping me leave for my sabbaticals under cover of darkness.

I’m pleased.

Gates of Fire by Steven PressfieldBook 3: Gates of Fire by Steven Pressfield

Open your third book to a random page. Count the number of letters in the second word on the page, then subtract two, to see how many children you will have.
The second word on the page is a moderately rude word with four letters.

Apparently, I’m having two dear children, who will no doubt giggle about this when they’re older.

Open your third book to a random page, once for each child that you will have. The first names you see on each page will be your children. (Note: If you are having zero children – or negative children – you should open the book once. The first name you see is a character you are related to, but you get to decide how.)
Romar and I will be raising two lovely Spartan warriors named Dienekes and Alexandros. Forget giggling. They will snicker, chuckle, guffaw, and slap their knees. Romar might lose his mind. My hair will turn gray before I’m thirty. And I’ll be the proudest Momma this side of the Aegean.

Emily of New Moon by L.M. MontgomeryBook 4: Emily of New Moon by L.M. Montgomery

Where does your fourth book take place? Because that’s where you’re going to live.
Good lord, all this madness is occurring on a pleasant, old-fashioned island in Canada. Prince Edward Island, to be exact.

My Spartan boys are probably going to get cold. Or look quite funny in their knitted dockside sweaters.

Open your fourth book to a random page. Whatever method of transportation the first character you see usually uses is what you’ll be using. (Note: teleportation and other magical devices are allowed. If the character has no means of transportation, you will be using public transportation.)
Aunt Laura rides in a distinguished double-seated buggy. Romar and I will look very fine riding down the road with our boys giving war whoops in the back.

Coldest Girl in Cold Town by Holly BlackBook 5: The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Pick your favorite animal that appears in your fifth book to be your pet. If there are no animals in the book, you won’t have a pet.
I have a vague memory of there being rats in one of the disreputable rooms that this book likes to waltz though. I can’t find them, however.

It’s probably for the best. The teacher too wild for schools, with a husband too wild to keep at home, and the boys too wild for practically anything, probably doesn’t need a pet as well.

Open your fifth book to a random page. The first name you see will be your enemy.
[flips through the book] I shall spend the rest of my life fighting… Gavriel, a lunatic –  but strangely admirable – vampire who is ten times my age and has probably killed more people than both my sons combined (sorry, boys).

Can’t we just be rivals pretending that we’re not friends?

Any one else want to take a peek at their futures?


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