Gwendoogle Part CXXXI – Uncertain Ownership and Pixie Birthdays

GwendoogleAnswers served with…

Kate Kearney searched: How many sweaters do you own?
Well, ownership is a tricky concept for me at this exact moment. There are currently 13 sweaters in my room. Six of them will be put into my car later tonight, and will definitely continue to be my sweaters past ten o’clock tomorrow morning. The other seven sweaters will stay in my room, but at ten o’clock in the morning my room will cease to be my room, seeing as I’m moving out.

Will the seven sweaters still be my sweaters?

I figure it depends on whether I come back to claim them before my little sister “borrows” them.

Jessie searched: Why are people who sleep late looked down on compared to their early rising counterparts even when they are awake and functional for the same amount of hours every day?
For me, it’s always been the general belief that people who can be awake and functional before seven in the morning are superheroes on the level of the guy who fell into the vat of toxic waste and came out with the ability to control hurricanes. It’s just darn impressive.

However, I think most people have probably internalized all the old idioms that run along the lines of, “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise.” Somehow, the rhyming thing gives it an air of legitimacy.

Then again, maybe it’s the just old fear of the dark and the things that are comfortable in it, poking its head up again in modern culture. (I’m imagining night owls everywhere now grinning devilishly at the early riser next to them.)

Jedinikina searched: If our blogs had a baby, what kind of blog would that baby be?
Our blogs would, in fact, have twins:

One would be a snarky, review blog that liberally used animated GIFs, and posted cute short stories about bunnies or superheroes every once in a while.

The other would be red text on a black background, refusing to use punctuation, and posting one to two line posts that might be poetry, or might just be the world’s classiest letters to the complaints department of the universe.

Because some children turn out exactly like their parents, and some of them are little rebels.

Dad searched: Why did automobiles start being called cars?
Car (or carra, karra, and other variations) has been a general term for wheeled conveyance since Ancient Rome. It was, however, generally used for train segments until the early nineteen hundreds.

In 1904, “touring car” began being used as a description for a particular body type in automobiles. Its popularity, and the laziness of the tongue, brought the term “car” into general use in under a decade. After that, the general public said “car,” while only manufacturers continued to use the technical term “automobile.”

FliptheOtter searched: How awesome is Hollins University?
A general survey of past and present students, showed that ninety percent believed it was “so awesome. The other ten percent had varied responses including, “it’s the bees knees,” “it’s the cat’s pajamas,” “it’s the mountain’s tutu,” “GLITTER,” and “it rocks all the awesome socks in Target.”

We are now compiling a linguistic research team to analyze what that ten percent was talking about.

Rarasaur searched: If you were a classically-recognized fairy tale creature, which would you be?
I would be a pixie, just because I actually do think it’s really funny to move your stuff when you’re not looking. Especially if you’ve just put it down. Especially if you’re going to blame someone else for it. But I’ll own up to it with a smile if you can catch me.

Kate Kearney searched: What should I do for my birthday?
Declare it a national holiday. Give it a name. Come up with a random but delicious food that must be cooked on that day. Tell all your friends that it is good luck to wear mismatched socks on this holiday. Tell your friends that if they write wishes in foreign languages on their hands on that day, those wishes will come true. Tell your friends that they have to turn right as many times as they turn left on that day, or else risk an invasion by the Sea People that live under the air. Make up crazy things, call them traditions, and celebrate.

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