Gwendoogle Part CXXXII – Organizing My Conspiracy Theories

GwendoogleAnswers served from Southern California. Holy Cow.

Kate Kearney searched: Why is organization so hard?
If you’ve been reading my blog over the past week, then you probably know that I have spent the last six days driving from the house that I have lived in since I was nine years old, to an apartment on the entire opposite coast. What you might not have realized, is that I was driving a cute little four-door Chevy, and that everything I now own was packed into the trunk and the back seat.


And eighty-five percent of those things are either clothing or books.

My clothing, I unpacked this morning. It all went into the closet. Some of it was hung up. Some of it was folded into stacks and placed in a set of hanging shelves. Towels and extra sheets were stacked on the top shelf of the closet along with the bulkier items of clothing, like sweaters and jeans.

My books are waiting until I can get to a store to purchase shelves. I already know that they will go back into their regular order, arranged by color, with gaps left for stuffed animals and thing-a-majigs. Because this pleases me.

The remaining fifteen percent will probably sit on my floor for the next three weeks, while I slowly pick away at it, and ask myself the same question that you have asked.

I can only conclude, that the reason it is so difficult, is the reason that my clothes and my books are so easy: because items have a sense of belonging. Because we believe in proper places. Because sometimes, items just don’t seem to want to fit into any of the available gaps, which is why there more than a dozen little things which were simply thrown into a bucket at the last minute and tucked into the car on the way here.

Kate Kearney searched: Is there such a thing as a terhik?
Not that I know of, but if you go to Finland, you might find women named Terhikki. It the affectionate form of Terhi, which means Asperugo or Madwort.

Jedinikina searched: Why is my mom so short?
It is common knowledge that we are being watched. Folk have been arguing for centuries about just who or what is doing the watching – the gods, the stars, the fates, the sprites, or just the plastic toys that come with our fast food meals – but we are very sure of two very important things.

One, that we may be under scrutiny at any moment of the day. Any action we perform, in our homes, at our work, or in the street, may be marked.

And two, that we are not sure we want our actions to be marked.

There are some folk in the world who have stopped bothering to question more than that. There is one evident response to our two absolute truths: avoid any action that might draw attention.

So, I think you’ll find that your mother is not short. She is simply hiding from the sprites who take notice of people who open the top cupboards.

Kate Kearney searched: How far in advance can you plan when your life is constantly changing?
You can plan as far ahead as you like. Your mental health will maintain itself better, however, if you understand that your plan will likely fall apart somewhere between step two and step five.

Kate Kearney searched: Should you plan anyway?
There is always the chance – a larger chance than most of us tend to realize – that step one, two, three, or four, will move us in a valuable direction. So, go ahead.

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