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Kate Kearney searched: Would you create some alphabet instructions for an amazing roadtrip?
Heck, yes.

Let’s get started:

Announce your intentions to take a massively awesome trip. For each acquaintance who is aware that you are going, it becomes one order of magnitude harder to back out of your plans. You can explain yourself to your friends. Your acquaintances will be waiting to live vicariously through you, and it gets awkward when you disappoint them.
 photo letsgetoutofhere_zpsezym3kfx.gif

Bring friends. Whether you’ll be driving far enough each day to want to take turns driving or not, you do want the company. You do not want to be so desperate for human interaction that you become one of those people who strikes up a conversation in the gas station restroom.
 photo with me without me_zpsza9osjae.gif

Cue the music. Repeat after me: there is no road trip without a driving beat.
 photo Deanmakesalltherules_zpsdnwogfbn.gif

 photo TaylorSwiftContinuesToPlayOntheRadio_zpsjkiwxa5i.gif

Decide before you leave, which three things are the most important things to see or do on this trip. Decide also, to be all right if everything else gets shifted, shimmied, or shot.
 photo Watson thinks its all fine_zpswbocwb4h.gif

Eat regularly. Yes, you probably could get through the next hundred miles on Starbursts, tortilla chips, and Gatorade, but… at what cost?
 photo second breakfast_zps8lrr1klk.gif

Find new places. It’s comforting that you can run across a Subway or a Holiday Inn all across the country, but you did not leave home to have a foot-long roast beef with cucumber, lettuce, and tomato in all fifty states. Try the Blue Plate Diner. Try the El Trovatore Motel.
 photo a whole new world_zpsdbpd8noq.gif

Get one of your more outgoing friends to come with you. They’ll chat with the people who live in the places you’re dashing through and you will remember some of those conversations for decades.
 photo hello human_zps9ttl3xxp.gif

Have a first aid kit, an umbrella, and a flashlight on hand. You might get blisters from walking around Los Angeles longer than expected, it might pour down rain in Indianapolis, and… it gets dark every night.
 photo dangerous to go alone_zpsnp0prafz.gif

If your car does not have a functioning air conditioning system, do not stay up all night in Las Vegas before deciding to drive straight through to Los Angeles without sleep. There is not enough ice cream in the world to get you through Death Valley.
 photo Katniss doesnt want to burn to death_zpsjmiwrqqe.gif

Judgement-free zone in the car. Your friend really wants to see the National Bicycle Museum? Cool. It’s been a dream of yours to eat at an IHOP in every state? Awesome. Neither of you have showered for four days? Uh… Okay.
 photo The Doctor isnt judging the Doctor_zpsu08pnb4g.gif

Kick yourself off the highways every once in a while. It might take a little extra time, but 1083rd street is beautiful this time of year. ;)
 photo dirt road_zpsyvi4ccwp.gif

Law of the land is decided by the King of the Road. That’s you. I highly suggest putting in a mandate for renaming every highway as you reach it (numbers are boring), or taking your picture with every humanoid statue you find (posing as if the statue has just said something shocking, of course).
 photo Tommy gets his crown_zpsa0husmva.gif

Maybe your car will function perfectly the entire time you’re on the road. Maybe someone will loosen a couple of lug nuts for you in Independence, and by the time you reach Kansas City, you’ll be about to lose a wheel. Just remember to breathe…
 photo Malthinksthisisallaccordingtoplan_zpskguco1o0.gif

Never forget that you are trekking through somebody’s hometown. As invincible and as wild as you feel on the open road, you may be walking in someone else’s Safe Place. Don’t ever compromise that.
 photo no touchy_zpsy4gqutlb.gif

Only buy food you know you’re going to eat. Avoid my strange fate of always coming home with unopened pickle jars in the trunk.
 photo scrubsy scrubsy why_zpssqimgdhl.gif

Pull over to take a good long look at the mountains. Or the desert. Or the river. Or the stars. Whatever it is that you don’t have at home. Get out of the car and take a breath. Do something more than look at the strangeness.
 photo Vicar of Dibley puddle_zpseaqbfliw.gif

Quit telling yourself you’re going to do anything on this trip in the smartest, most efficient, or most effective manner.
 photo thisabsolutelymakesnosense_zpskavv0xfo.gif

Read all road signs. Kill two birds with one stone: don’t get lost, and find things like the World’s Largest Ball of String.
 photo Doryfoundtheescapehatch_zpsxtcigmq6.gif

Sleeping in the car is almost never a good plan. However, when the plans fly out the window like that plastic bag you didn’t realize was loose when you opened the window going 75 mph outside Amarillo, it is sometimes the best option. And you should do it at least once.
 photo sleepy winchesters_zpsps2iiyhq.gif

Time is an amorphous concept on the road. Hours stretch. Highways go on forever. Before you start out, be okay with the fact that you will arrive some places after dark, and that you will cease to understand the days of the week after about two days on the road.
 photo Arewethereyetarewethereyetarewethereyet_zpsjwcpjppx.gif

Unless you’re looking forward to a Highway Hike on this trip, make sure you check ahead for gas stations. Know that you will be able to drive to the next one. Or be prepared to walk to it.
 photo Jethroknowsexactlywhereweare_zps9rige6cf.gif

Venture. Often. Even if it’s never the same thing twice.
 photo Jack Sparrow is a One Off Performer_zpsf9zs5cp0.gif

Write some of the stuff you’re seeing down. It’s worth finding your own words for it.
 photo damon dear diary_zpsqav3djzx.gif
 photo damon chipmunk_zpsr5tbuc47.gif

Xenia is not a word that most people know, but it seems relevant. Xenia is the Ancient Greek concept of guest-friendship, of strangers becoming friends – or at least people who you won’t stab at the dinner table – as soon as they step into your home. It’s also the concept of a stranger not stealing his host’s dog, car, or wife after dinner. And if you broke these unspoken rules, Zeus, the king of the gods, would step on you. Just keep that in mind.
 photo Robb is watching you_zpsuv7qiui8.gif

You know those things that you use to recharge back home? Books, movies, music, yoga, cooking mock turtle soup? Bring them. Adventure only sustains you for 4-6 days in my experience.
 photo Washknowsaboutgoosejuggling_zpsbogoy7ot.gif

Zoom. Zip. Zig-zag. Or any combination of the three. Because there is no one way to travel.
 photo flying car_zps1iytmk35.gif

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