Let’s Try Something New Today

It’s 4 o’clock in the afternoon, and I am officially calling it: I’m taking the day off.

I unofficially called it at 1o o’clock this morning. Then, as usual, I felt guilty about it, tried to psyche myself up, reminded myself that I had fourteen hours left in the day, and I could find the time to cobble a story together. Then I felt guilty about the whole idea of cobbling, because, I do not in fact repair shoes for a living, and cobbling is not the brightest way to tell a story.

It’s a mental process I’ve twisted my way through often enough in the three years I’ve been running this blog, but I still don’t usually come to a conclusion until about 11 at night. Sometimes I take the day off and write a ridiculous post. More often I make myself write something, because this blog isn’t just for posting bright and shiny things, it’s for practicing.

But today, I thought I would try making the decision early, not having to coax and argue with myself all day.

So, far it’s nice.

I’ve read a hundred pages out of a book. I want to say it felt like taking a bubble bath, but it’s probably closer to taking a hot shower on too-cold day and thawing out.

I’ve sat in front of a puzzle for a few hours. I worked on it until I gave up on finding that one piece, which is pretty much all I’ve done for the last few days. Judging by history, I’ll find it the day after tomorrow and do a little cheer.

I have talked with family back home, smiled at the pictures of them Christmas Tree shopping, and discussed the danger of Puddle Zombies with them at length.

I ate a lazy lunch in front of the television, and I’m looking forward to a lazy dinner.

And I’ve actually written some things. Things that no one will see in the next 24 hours, which is so pleasant. I recommend it to everyone.

I hope you make your decisions early today, too.


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