More Christmas Wishes

I am celebrating Christmas a few thousand miles from any place I have celebrated Christmas before. Whatever you are doing today, these are my wishes for you:

May the day be long enough for you to count multiple good hours, and be content to call it a night.

May you have good company to encourage, embolden, embrace, and inspire you.

May you recognize gifts as they come in bright paper, in bright smiles, in bright days, and in the shadows of all these things.

May your bread land butter-side-up, your left foot stay within ten feet of your right at all times, your cat not decide to take an expedition anywhere your ladder won’t reach, all your found pennies be from the year of your birth, and may every tumbleweed you find be either too tall or too short to get stuck under your car.

May your twenty-four hours come with some celebration, even if it’s just over the fact that your puppy smiled at you and didn’t eat the couch.


 photo Merry Christmas Stitch_zpsdstm3eyx.gif


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