Gwendoogle CXXXIX – Christmas Curiosities

Gwendoogle party

Happy New Year, everyone!

Kathryn searched: What’s your favorite holiday movie? Favorite holiday reading?
As human beings go, I am not very holiday-inspired.

I like December 25th. I like December 31st. Both of them should be full of laughter and sparkling things. Both of them are also only twenty-four hours long.

In those twenty-four hours, I follow tradition: I watch It’s A Wonderful Life, and I read The Best Christmas Pageant Ever by Barbara Robinson.

Both of these have been staples in my house on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. I don’t go looking for other things in the weeks leading up to the holidays. I’m not even sure what the other options are.

Are there things I’m missing out on?

MadamLibrarian searched: What is the meaning behind three symbols in three different Christmas carols?
According to Christian tradition, holly relates to the Christ child: the prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns he would eventually wear in the crucifixion, the red berries looked like drops of his blood, and the fact that it remained green all year round referenced eternal life after death. As a side note: holly was also sacred to the Roman god, Saturn, protected Druids from mad dogs, and fought the Celtic Oak King at midsummer and midwinter to usher in the changing of the seasons

And also making sure that horse-drawn sleighs did not collide with each other in the snow, as they tended to move almost silently. If this song were written today, it might have been called Hazard Lights.

The twelve points of the Apostle’s Creed
The eleven faithful disciples of Jesus
The ten commandments
The nine fruits of the spirit
The eight beatitudes
The seven gifts of the Holy Spirit
The six days of creation
The Pentateuch (also known as the Five Books of the Law, the Books of Moses, or the Torah)
The Four Gospels
Faith, Hope, and Love
The Old and New Testaments
And Jesus Christ.

MadamLibrarian searched: Would you rather know what you are getting for Christmas and have it be something you want, or be totally surprised with something weird and rather useless?
Let’s start this off by saying that half the things I want are weird and rather useless. I specifically requested some things this Christmas, which, it could be argued, only serve to give me crippling emotional experiences, which, definitely, is weird and rather useless.

(Books. I requested books. Stop looking at me funny.)

However, assuming that the Weird and Rather Useless Gift is not synonymous with Something I Want, I suppose I would rather know what was coming.

Just let it be known that it it hurts a little bit to say that, because I really like surprises, and trust my family and friends to pick good ones.

Kathryn searched: Favorite holiday music?

MadamLibrarian searched: What are your Christmas/Holiday traditions?
Once upon a time, I wrote down all my family traditions for Christmas.

The traditions of New Year’s Eve are much simpler: Eat steak and seafood. Watch movies to help pass time. Begin a very large, very ambitious jigsaw puzzle. Watch the ball drop on the television.

This year is my first year living on my own. I can tell you that while all of these traditions were thought of, lovingly, very few of them were maintained.

But I ate the Christmas pie. And I stayed awake until midnight.

Kathryn searched: How did you decorate for Christmas?
Like this:

Christmas Thor - Asgardian Angel

Yes, that is a Thor doll in a toga with wings and a halo. Yes, he does make thunder and lightning noises if you press the button on his chest. Yes, I am proud of myself.

MadamLibrarian searched: Do you build gingerbread houses, and, if so, what type?
Once upon a time, I made a gingerbread house (yes, just once, at least in my memory).

We made large sheets of homemade gingerbread.

While taking the gingerbread out of the oven, I made a mistake: I burned the back of my hand on one of the wire racks.It made a beautiful red line on pale skin for several years to come.

The house had white icing and gumdrops.

No one ate it.

Kathryn searched: WHY is it Valentine’s Day? What happened to New Year’s?
No one outside the Alcohol, Sparklers, and Numbered Glasses Industries have determined how to monetize it.

And it is so three days ago.

And we all sort of missed it, trying to sleep off Christmas.

The stores seem to all be in agreement that we might wake up by Valentine’s Day.

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