Gwendoogle CXL – One-Woman Musical

GwendoogleAnswers served with musical head banging. But you don’t get to see it.

Kathryn searched: My sister and I are going on a roadtrip. As an expert roadtripper, what advice can you give us?
There are five necessities for a good road trip:

  1. A plan for where you are sleeping every night.
  2. Car snacks. The yummy kind.
  3. A mutual understanding between all participants as to whether it is okay to gamble on the radio as you move farther and farther and farther away from friendly territory, or whether driving tunes should be secured from home.
  4. One crazy rule that must be followed at all times (like quacking every time you see a white car, or taking pictures of yourselves feeding any animal statue you find.)
  5. A carefully cultivated Road Trip Attitude, which says that whatever will be will be and that the brilliant part of travel is what finds you along the way, not what you set out to find.

Kathryn searched: What is the most important thing to do and the most important thing NOT to do on a roadtrip?
The most important thing to do: pack a sweater.

The most important thing NOT to do: annoy the locals by drag racing on Main Street on a Sunday afternoon.

MadamLibrarian searched: What would you do with a sledgehammer?
Ask everyone I know if they have any walls I can knock down.

And finally get rid of that fly that has been annoying me all afternoon.

Madam Librarian searched: What, if anything would keep you from going to see the Avenger’s Civil War movie?
There is a large part of me that wants to stand on the couch in response to this question and put on a one-woman, rousing rendition of the epic Off-Broadway musical, NOTHING.

There’s another large part that would like to run skipping through a field singing, Not a Single Bloody Thing, the runaway 2016 pop hit, like a Disney princess.

And another large part that wants to flick this question in the nose and grin.

However, should a good friend of mine manage to watch the movie before me, return sadly, and tell me that:

 – Steve Rogers lost the competence and snark that he previously wielded in The First Avenger and The Winter Soldier
Natasha Romanoff and Wanda Maximoff were only given token screen time, ultimately leading to a girl-fight in the final battle
– Bucky Barnes was actually the villain
– Sam Wilson was killed off for no good reason

I would consider not going to see the movie in theaters. But, in all likelihood, I would just lower my expectations and skip right off to see it so that I can rant as I please.

Kathryn searched: Follow up: how do I get my cat to STOP suckling on the blankets?
Most cats will outgrow sucking on blankets, as it is usually a kitten’s activity. In the meantime, you can try to keep the blankets out of your cat’s reach. If you see your cat going for the blankets, try distracting it by initiating play.

Because sucking on cloth is also sometimes a nervous habit for your cat, make sure that its food and litter box are situated in a manner that makes your cat feel secure. Try supplying scratching posts or climbing houses to give your cat other ways to relieve stress.

If it persists, you can discuss other options with your vet.

MadamLibrarian searched: What would a traditional Christmas meal in 1342 for a middle class family in Germany look like?
First of all, take this award for the Most Specific Question Ever Entered into the Gwendoogle Search Engine.

Second of all, I have no earthly idea, but in 1377 King Richard II of England served twenty-eight oxen and three hundred sheep at a Christmas feast. It should also be noted that the 12th century saw the popular rise of the Twelve Days of Christmas, so in all likelihood, it’s significant when we say that those were all served at a Christmas feast in 1377.

Imagine the other eleven.

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