Murder Mystery on the Bookshelves (Book Tag)

By the rules of this tag, I’ve just been murdered.

Seeing as I’m the one breaking the news to you, I can only assume that I’m a ghost. It’s a strange sensation. I didn’t expect to feel so warm. Or to have lost my memories of the last twenty-four hours.

Time to figure out what happened to me.

Step 1: Choose six red, black, or white books from your shelves. Just to set the mood.

Step 2: Draw the names of those six books out of a hat in random order, then answer the following questions:

Open your first book to a random page. Wherever this scene takes place is where you were murdered.

A Darker Shade of Magic by VE SchwabBook 1: A Darker Shade of Magic by V.E. Schwab
This book is full of great locations: taverns, palaces, markets, and ships spread across three alternate versions of London, some with magic, some without. I especially like the strange little shop that deals in contraband trinkets from other worlds and the tavern which somehow manages to exist in all three Londons. I, however, did not open the book to any of those.

I was apparently murdered in the middle of the street.

This is an excellent start.

From your second book, choose an object that is important to the plot. There, you have the murder weapon.

The Alleluia Files by Sharon ShinnBook 2: The Alleluia Files by Sharon Shinn
The most important object in this book is a spaceship which orbits the planet. It is usually as benevolent as an inanimate object can be, but as far as I know, that spaceship is capable of striking down a single human being walking in the middle of the street. With something that looks a lot like lightning. Like being smited by God.

I suppose there are worse ways to go.

And I appreciate that my murderer was so afraid of me that he felt the need to take me out from two hundred miles above the earth’s surface.

Open your third book to a random page. The character whose name you see first is the lead investigator on your murder. How is s/he doing?

Sworn in Steel by Douglas HulickBook 3: Sworn in Steel by Douglas Hulick
Drothe is the main character of this novel, and makes his living ferreting out information. Were his profession legal, he could be called a private investigator. In theory, he should be doing a great job.

But, he’s Drothe.

He has a tendency to bury himself in trouble, get sidetracked by magical objects, take detours to avoid assassins, run into assassins anyway, and never sleep. Literally. He is the grumpy, almost-competent poster boy for stimulants.

I’ll probably just haunt him for a little while. Maybe I can write some messages on the wall to help keep him alive while he’s on my case.

Open your fourth book to a random page. The character whose name you see first is the Prime Suspect. Feel free to invent a motive based on the plot, or what you think you might have done to tick this particular character off.

The Two Towers by J.R.R. TolkienBook 4: The Two Towers
Drothe suspects Smeagol killed me. Apparently.

I can only assume that there was some evidence that I was in possession of a certain ring. Smeagol has killed for it before. We have several witnesses who have heard him say he would do it again.

We’re just not sure he can operate a spaceship.

Open your fifth book to a random page. The character whose name you see first is also a suspect. There’s never just one.

The Complete Pelican ShakespeareBook 5: The Complete Pelican Shakespeare edited by Stephen Orgel and A.R. Braunmuller
Drothe also suspects Sebastian from Twelfth Night. Because… Sebastian has no alibi for the night of the murder, seeing as he was shipwrecked and presumed dead.

Drothe might be onto something here. No one really knows what people do when they are presumed dead, but they always show back up with secrets.

Open your sixth book to a random page. The character whose name you see first… well, take a good look at that one. It’s the real killer. Is s/he going to get away with it?

Catching Fire by Suzanne CollinsBook 6: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins
I was murdered by… Peeta Mellark.

In the street.

With a spaceship.

Peeta is one of my favorite characters from this trilogy, and definitely the character I rooted for the hardest as his situation in the books went from bad to worse to unbearable. Of all the characters in these books, he is probably the nicest, and the person with the lowest kill count.

I’m stunned.

And yeah, he’s probably going to get away with it. Because I’m going to tell Drothe it was President Snow. Not only is it much more believable, but how could he not believe the writing on the wall?

Maybe I’ll become a vindictive ghost later.


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