Gwendoogle CXLVI – Secret Message for Martha

GwendoogleAnswer served with fries on the side

CandyLander searched: If a stranger walked up to you in a restaurant and told you that your future happiness depended on you ordering a root beer… would you order the root beer?
First of all, I like root beer. I was probably already intending to order a root beer, if I was treating myself to something other than water. I wouldn’t alter my plans to contradict a questionably prophetic stranger.

But I don’t think that’s what you meant to ask.

So, let’s say the stranger told me my future depended on a Coke. I don’t like Coke. As a general rule, I’m against buying things that I think taste like a three-month-old pizza box unless a doctor tells me to. But today my answer depends on two things:

  1. Will this stranger be in a position to see what I order?
  2. Do they seem sincerely concerned for me?

Because I don’t believe that anyone could know the future well enough to pin my happiness down to so small a thing, but I would probably pay the two dollars for a soda to keep a stranger from worrying about it.

No one said I had to drink it.

WheezardofMoiria searched: What’s the best name for an imaginary friend?
Image result:
 photo lets call it steve_zpsg9yjmiyc.gif

Holly B. searched: What was your last dream about?
I got a smart phone and spent a lot of time trying to sign up for SnapChat.

I gave the plot one out of five stars.

ArnietheCarnie searched: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
“Bring sunscreen. I don’t care if you don’t think you’re going to need it.”

I’m pretty sure my mother just didn’t want me to come back home a distressing shade of red, but I took it to mean, “Lay down preparations, baby girl, so that when you’re given the opportunity for an adventure, you can take it without hesitation.”

Because she knows how much I like my adventures.

HeidiHoHeidi searched: Type “tell me about” into Google, then answer all the questions that come up.
Image result:
Tell me about the rabbits george

1. I like bacon cheeseburgers, books about monsters, history that mixes with mythology, and lots and lots of purple things.

2. The rabbits are fine, Martha. For goodness sake. Some days I think you’re going to break up with me and marry them.

3. This is probably the first question you will be asked in an interview, and is, from what I understand, a trap. Show no fear. Tell them the top five reasons you would be a good hire. Don’t talk to them about cheeseburgers, monsters, or purple things.

 photo Grootisgrootisgrootisgroot_zps4511e388.gif

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One thought on “Gwendoogle CXLVI – Secret Message for Martha

  1. Would you make up a crazy doomsday weapon? Where did all the pie go? How many bananas in a bunch? How many pillows? Why character, why did they do that? Is there a song that includes death lasers? Why is my Ariel so grumpy? How can I already need more bookshelves? What is an efficient and organized way to store crazy writing papers? Will you pick three of your characters and tell me what kind of animal they are most like and why? Did you miss me? How long was I gone? How long has that portal been there? What is THAT? Do you like spring? Do you want to build a snowman?
    Do you believe that electronics have personalities? Why did I feel a need to create an army of tiny large eyed Disney characters? Why did I buy more dice? Why shouldn’t I buy more dice? Should I paint my room copper moon, chic peach, or shiny kettle? How do I make my gallery wall work? Should I be concerned about my sister’s army of Stitch?

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