Gwendoogle – Don’t Live in a Shiny Kettle

Gwendoogle EasterHappy Easter, everyone!

Kate Kearney searched: How long has that portal been there?
Since the unfortunate day when I accidentally dropped salt, paprika, coffee grounds, a silver fork, and rose petals on the floor. Then I swore. In Latin. It’s a mistake anyone could have made.

I haven’t had the time to see where it goes yet, but sometimes it plays nice music while I’m cooking.

HeidiHoHeidi searched: Type “is this a b” into Google, then answer all the questions that come up.
Is this a b

1. I am still in the process of acquiring my license to sell. Please check back in two weeks for all your used and new bear needs.

2. Looks like a cookie crumb to me.

3. This is a woman.

4. I have never heard of a band named “This.” I would like to encourage a group of talented people to adopt the name however. I would very much like to encourage my friends to listen to This.

Kate Kearney searched: Should I paint my room copper moon, chic peach, or shiny kettle?
I do not advise Chic Peach. First of all, it is not actually the color of a peach, and we all know the best part of a peach is the taste anyway. Second, chic is so last century.

Shiny Kettle puts me in mind of something magical, like a lamp made glossy from too many hands calling on the genie. I don’t think you’d like to live inside such an object. It seems to be you would be getting odd requests at all hours. “I want a pony,” at eleven o’clock at night. “I want the Nile,” at three in the morning. “I need a Swiss army crowbar that contains a sword and an umbrella” at four in the afternoon.

Copper Moon evokes a much better feeling of location. And destiny. Go with Copper Moon.

HeidiHoHeidi searched: Type “is this a d” into Google, then answer all the questions that come up.
Is this a d

1. Yes. And yes, the handle is facing toward you. However, I’d like to suggest that the proximity and orientation of inanimate objects should not be taken as signs from on high that you ought to murder a king tonight. Don’t look at me like that.

2. In all likelihood, you should not stay to find out. You also should not run, because it can probably run faster than you. Burrow underground immediately.

3. If you have to ask, the answer is no. The more pertinent question is, “Did the other person think this was a date?” You should ask them.

4. I say no. Philosophers argue for the sake of arguing.

DeliriousMysterious searched: Count down?
Three days until I leave for San Diego.

Twenty-nine days until The Raven King.

Thirty-nine days until Captain America: Civil War.

Sixty-three days until I earn the 1000-Days-in-a-Row merit badge here on ANM.

Get ready?

Kate Kearney searched: Did you miss me? How long was I gone?
According to my records, the last time you ran a search in the Gwendoogle search engine was October 18th, 2015.

Have you been moonlighting with another search engine? Something sassier than me?

(Of course, I missed you.)

Have a question for Gwendoogle? Leave it in comments below and I’ll be back next week to answer it.

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