Flash Fiction: Kiss (146 words)

The rain arrived, late, after the heat of the day had bled out and the evening breeze had sunk in deep. The sun had not set, but it had abandoned its strength, filling the last hours of the day with cool light. The air had smoothed and thinned, no longer dragging at lungs and skin as people moved about.

Though Toera had decided against moving. Her day had gone on long enough. She sat on the stone bench at the end of her street without any real intent, and felt the first raindrops on bare arms.


Like heavy mint or the kiss of gold.

Looking up, Toera watched the rain fall and gleam from old, gray clouds. It steadied, thickened, moment by moment. Hands wrapped around the front of the bench, shoulders braced, she shivered. She blinked it out of her eyes. Slowly smiled. Grinned.


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