Gwendoogle – One Month, Six Months, and the Rest of My Life

GwendoogleAnswers served with a surprising plan for the future

Kate Kearney searched: Why did I feel a need to create an army of large eyed Disney characters?
For centuries, commanders and kings have sought the best way to build an army. The soldiers of Sparta were schooled to be deadly and sassy. The Sacred Band of Thebes was built in pairs of lovers. The Macedonians won battles with very, very, very long sticks. The Romans mastered teamwork. The Mongols moved massive hosts, very fast. The Chinese blew stuff up.

No one has yet tried an army built of the very doe-eyed, and the very animated. It’s very possible that you may conquer worlds.

Kate Kearney searched: Why is my Ariel so grumpy?
Ariel’s thesis for the best army included people who wielded scowls and glares like swords and shields. The generals turned her down when she pitched the idea, but now her face is stuck like that. (And after every battle, the generals look a little stupider.)

Trebez searched: If given the chance to live for a month in Antarctica, all expenses paid and in moderately comfortable lodgings (it is Antarctica) with another person of your choice, would you do it?
Yes, and here’s why:

  • I love travel
  • I love snow
  • I want an excuse to wear one of those giant parkas
  • I would very much like to spend at least one night on every continent (on this planet) before I die
  • I was going to ask you if I could be assured of consistent access to the internet, but then I realized that without it, I might actually get some good writing done on this vacation.
  • This magical scenario might be my only chance to become best friends with Nathan Fillion (my person of choice – there weren’t limitations on that part, were there?)

MadamLibrarian searched: Would you rather be given salt, chocolate, or wax?
Some days I go begging for 3Musketeers bars. Some days I go begging for french fries.

Today is a 3Musketeers day.

(There is no such thing as a wax day.)

Kate Kearney searched: Why, character, why did they do that?
For the puppies.


It was either that or become actuaries, apiarists, and arsonists. This was easier to explain to their parents.

MadamLibrarian searched: What are three songs you could listen to every day for six months and not get sick of them?
I thought this question was going to be an easy one. Then I did what I do best, and saw a challenge where there was never one intended.

I think the answer is:

Fast Car by Tracy Chapman:

Icarus by Bastille:

Hallelujah by Panic! at the Disco:

We’ll see if I’m right six months from now, on October 18th.

I am very nervous about this decision.

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