Gwendoogle – My Least Favorite is the Jive

GwendoogleAnswers served with a side of cotton candy

Kate Kearney searched: Thoughts on state fairs?
First of all, state fairs usually take place late in the summer, the time of year when all respectable Gwendolyn’s are hibernating in deep, cool holes to outlast the outrageous heat.

Second, they usually involve some sort of sunburn. It’s not actually a problem until twenty-four hours after the fair, when it’s hard to sleep because your skin is nearly neon, but scientists have assured me there’s a correlation.

Third, they have absolutely beautiful things in them. Paintings and photographs and baby sweaters that people near you have lovingly created. Pies that look too elaborate to eat, and too delicious to leave sitting on the table. Cotton candy whipped into tornadoes that small children can pull apart with their hands. Ferris wheels that spin slowly, and carousels that spin quickly.

It’s not hard to talk me into going.

MadamLibrarian searched: What is a good childhood book for a child under two?
The Monster at the End of this Book by Jon Stone is one of the few books I remember from when I was very young. I would even venture to say that it was one of those formative reads that everyone talks about.

So, if you want your two-year-old to grow up to be like me – imaginative, enthusiastic, a little crazy, and firmly under the belief that the monsters we’re afraid of can turn out to be ourselves – read them this book.

Out loud.

Twenty-two times a night.

Kate Kearney searched: Necromancy or Psychometry?
I would rather have psychometry. I have enough moral conundrums in my life without adding the ability to reanimate the dead. I’ll learn to live with catching portions of past conversations that happened on my living room couch every time I sit down on it for too long.

MadamLibrarian searched: Do you know any folk dances?
I know the:

  • Good News Reel
  • Hot Asphalt Sashay
  • Hot Sand Jig
  • Hot Day Shuffle
  • Hurry Up and Tell Me Waltz
  • Too Tired To Sleep Slide
  • I Saw a Hornet Jive

RarelyDarely searched: So… how’s it going with Fast Car, Icarus, and Hallelujah?
I am still nervous about my decision. And yet, so far, the only problem has been that I’ve changed my mind about what my favorite lines were. Every. Day.

Monday: “And I had a feeling that I belonged / I had a feeling I could be someone, be someone, be someone”

Tuesday: “Being blue is better than being over it”

Wednesday: “Your hands protect the flames / from the wild winds around you”

Thursday: “Standing on the cliff face / highest fall you’ll ever grace”

Friday: “I love the things you hate about yourself”

Saturday: “You and I can both get jobs / and finally see what it means to be living”

Today: “No one wants you when you have no heart and / I’m sitting pretty in my brand new scars”

It almost makes a poem, if you look at it sideways.

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