Gwendoogle – Boxing with Bears

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FliptheOtter searched: What are three fun ways to get yourself to exercise?
1) Go hiking. Pay one of your friends to chase you in a bear costume, to really get the blood pumping. When you reach a suitably beautiful or epic place for a show-down, stop, turn around, and have a boxing match with the bear. Just make sure it’s your friend, and not a real bear. (Never box with real bears. They fight dirty.)

2) Go swimming. Bring a poodle. Race the poodle. Do not be ashamed if the poodle beats you, as they were originally bred for water fowl retrieval. (You may bring other dogs to race, if you do not have access to a poodle. Do not bring cats. No pool is large enough to save you from that cat.)

3) Go rock-climbing. Pretend you are scaling the outside of a building as part of an elite heist team. Play theme music. Anyone else climbing on the wall is a rival team. It is your job to climb this building with more pizazz than them.

4) Remember that there are about a thousand different ways to exercise, and that the goal is to get your body moving because it was made to move. If you are not having fun exercising, then maybe you just haven’t found the exercise activity that appeals to you. Try hiking and rock-climbing and kayaking and swimming. Try team sports. Try rock walls, and pools, and weight lifting, and horse-back riding, and gymnastics. Try kick-boxing or martial arts. Something will feel good.

Kate Kearney searched: Why did I buy more dice?
Because there’s a special allure in pretty things that put a small but definable weight in the middle of your palm. It will always be hard to turn down dice, and coins, and river stones, and precious bits of metal.

Kate Kearney searched: Why shouldn’t I buy more dice?
Because you’ve already found your lucky set of dice, and they’re going to get jealous. You will never have a good roll again if you buy that next set.

DearIntheHeadlights searched: Have you seen Captain America: Civil War yet?!
Yes. I saw it in a midnight showing on opening day. I was a bouncing, jittery, excited mess for the entire day beforehand.

And I enjoyed it.

But it was not the movie I wanted.

I was looking for a movie with narrative bite and a character-driven plot that just happened to have explosions and super suits and witty one-liners. It was not a silly thing to look for, considering the commercials they were pumping out.

Still, what I got was some fairly epic explosions, super suits, and one-liners, surrounded by a lot of laughter. I got to spend time with characters I already knew I adored, and love the company. I had a good time watching all of it, but now I’m still searching for the story I had expected.

FliptheOtter searched: If you had to make a blanket, how would you do it? Knit, crochet, sew, quilt, etc.?
In high school and college, I had a very good time knitting blankets out of whatever scrap yarn was available around my house. I didn’t care about colors. I didn’t care about running out of yarn at odd moments. I did switch yarns whenever I got bored. They were patchwork and mad, but warm and heavy, and a great deal of fun to make.

I knit half a dozen of them. I stopped when I ran out of beds to put them on.

I would knit more, if I had more beds in my house. Beds are too expensive to buy wholesale.

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