Gwendoogle – Drunkards, Books, and Cucumber Water

GwendoogleAnswers served with a smirk and a lie

Kate Kearney searched: Wizards or sorcerers?
Wizards are lovely. They have magnificent hats. I’ve heard that their fireworks are beyond compare. They usually have good advice, if not advice that keeps you safe.

Sorcerers have all of that, plus secrets and smirks. And more is always better.

Fliptheotter searched: What DO you do with a drunken sailor?
Try not to laugh at them while they attempt to tuck themselves into their hammocks for the night, and tumble out the other side. Probably don’t succeed though.

Kate Kearney searched: Current book recommendations?
Lately, my spare time has been bent to memorizing things for work, eating, sleeping, and avoiding Game of Thrones spoilers on the internet. I am dreadfully behind on this year’s reading goals.

However, I recently finished reading an advance copy of A Book Without Dragons by Olivia Berrier. I enjoyed it just for the 1970’s-style science fiction optimism. It did a wonderful job of focusing on character in the midst of a sweeping disaster, and I was invested from beginning to end. The book will be coming out on May 21st, and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a short run through a futuristic small town.

I am currently in the middle of A Gathering of Shadows by V.E. Schwab, and I am loving it. It is hard for me not to love a book about pirates and thieves, magic and travel between universes, but the writing is also an absolute pleasure to sink into.

Next on my list to read? The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater (the concluding novel in a series about boys with cars and magic and birds which I have adored so far) and The Hidden Oracle by Rick Riordan (the beginning novel in a series about Greek gods in time out, which I am hoping to smile over for a while).

WendyStoleMyName searched: Are you still listening to those three songs?
Yes. Every day.

After almost a month, I still love all three of them. I have noticed that Icarus (Bastille) tends to fade into background noise, while Fast Car (Tracy Chapman) and Hallelujah (Panic! at the Disco) still catch me with their lyrics every time, but I have not gotten sick of any of them.

Kate Kearney searched: Thoughts on infused water?
I am a big fan of throwing any kind of citrus I might have on hand into my water. Despite not liking strawberries, I’m a fan of throwing them in as well.

I do not like most other berries in water.

I do not understand why you would throw cucumbers or melon in there.

HeatherHeathen searched: Where do you work now?
In a cave, forty feet beneath the earth’s surface. A wrong turn on the way to my cubicle can mean falling into an underground river or being eaten by a very large and hirsute spider named Marge. But my boss – who shows up every day dressed to the nines in a black cape and waxed goatee – is very friendly and makes it a real thrill to show up to work every day.

(As part of my training, my boss did stress how important it was to the company not to find employees discussing work on social media. I hope you’ll understand then, why I’m keeping my answer so vague. ;) )

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