The Scheherazade Achievement


Let me tell you a true story.

Once upon a time, in a land twenty-five hundred miles away, I chased a whim. Well, more than one – many more than one, because that’s a good hobby – but I’m thinking of one in particular. I decided to post on this blog every day. I missed some days, but kept track of my consecutive successes, and worked hard not to have to start the count over.

I posted for three hundred days in a row, aiming for a whole year, before I purposefully got lost in Wyoming. There is internet somewhere in Wyoming, but not in the mountains, in bear country, where I had to lock my shampoo in an air-tight container to keep from getting large, furry visitors in my tent. I started over.

Three hundred and sixty-five days later, I celebrated. One year. I wondered when I would next get (metaphorically) lost in Wyoming.

Three hundred and sixty-five more days, and I celebrated again. Two years. Wyoming seemed very far away, and also like it was creeping up on me from somewhere. Or maybe that was the bears. I set another goal, and told no one, just in case I couldn’t manage it.

Yesterday, I posted for the thousandth day in a row. One thousand days. And you bet your feet I’m celebrating.

Pop a bottle of champagne for me, wherever you are, or a bottle of Dr. Pepper if you prefer. Raise a glass because I’ve just done something that I myself wasn’t sure I was capable of doing. Then raise a second to toast what comes next.


I have a long list of things that have changed in the last thousand days. I live on the other side of the country. I have new roommates, a new car, a new job. I’ve had three drastically different haircuts. I have new family members, and new friends. I’ve left behind a lot of stresses, and held on tight to the sweetest things. I am less afraid of losing some people and things than I have been in a long time. Sincerely, I’m happier than I was a thousand days ago, and in a strange way, that’s why I’m not going to be posting every day any more.

I had long strings of days in the last thousand days where I needed this blog, and the daily feeling of accomplishment that it gave me. I needed that check mark at the end of the day just to feel that I wasn’t being left behind by a world which I couldn’t keep from spinning.

I had long strings of days when I believed that I would feel that way forever, and fiercely wanted to be wrong.

I don’t need it any more. The world and I have come to much better understandings about the rate at which it turns.

Today is day one thousand and one, and I’m content to call that the Scheherazade Achievement, and cross it off my bucket list. Tomorrow will be the first day in almost four years on which I purposefully post nothing. From now on, I’ll be aiming to post three days a week instead of seven.

Thanks for being with me over the last few years. Thanks for helping me celebrate, even in the small things.


One thought on “The Scheherazade Achievement

  1. Congratulations on your milestone! While I’ve only been tagging along for the tail end of your journey, I’ve really enjoyed your posts. It is interesting to hear of your learnings along the way, and I really admire your dedication and perseverence. All the best for the next part of your journey, wherever that may take you.

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