Into the Character Lounge

Gwendoogle is perhaps the world’s slowest search engine, but it’s also the only one that has any access to information about my fictional characters, governments, and geography.

The Character Lounge is usually just an imaginary place in my head, but occasionally Gwendoogle borrows it to answer a string of questions about fictional things.

Part I – What is the Character Lounge, and some rules of the Sea Clans

Part II – Zain, and that time he got tied to his favorite chair

Part III – Jennika silences everyone and Terius picks a fight

Part IV – Zombies, ghosts, and married people

Part V – Sea Sickness, Literacy and a Brief Encounter with a Shark

Part VI – Sea Monsters, Magic, and Too Many Secrets

Part VII – How to Back Zain into a Corner

Part VIII – Zain Retaliates and Terius is the Better Lawyer

Part IX – Group Events/Democracy in the Character Lounge

Part X – Shocked!

Part XI – Weddings!

Part XII – Scales and Teeth and Suckers

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