Legal Theft Flash Fiction: Trumpeter (1240 words)

Careful so the guard wouldn’t notice, he tossed his handkerchief over the side of the cart. Someone would find it.

Jasen had not been told who. Not when Kynbessne and Jennika explained the plan to him, all three of them gathered around the expertly drawn, delightedly stolen house map. Not a few minutes later when he had asked. Explicitly. Someone would watch the manse while they were inside, and someone would have a way to signal Jennika if the mistress of the house returned while they were still scouting inside.

Kynbessne had looked resolute and patient when he questioned her, perhaps protecting an associate who she’d rather he didn’t arrest. It wouldn’t have been the first time. Jennika, however, had cocked her head slyly, her constant smile tilting her mouth. Like she might just be enjoying the spectacle of leaving him in the dark.

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Legal Theft Project Flash Fiction: Keep Calm (855 words)

The name of the game was staying calm and acting normal. Marie flicked a look at Logan walking beside her and knew that he was playing by the rules. She, however, had to fold her hands in front of herself to keep them from shaking. He looked over at her as well, lazily, easy smile firmly in place.

He brushed her arm lightly. “Relax,” he said. Then he took lead.

They passed the guard station and Logan fished his ID out of his pocket. He patted his jacket down first, as if he hadn’t quite remembered what pocket he dropped it into. She thought she saw the guard sigh watching Logan. Her ID felt like a blade in her back pocket and she pulled it out so that it would be ready after Logan went through.

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